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    Si Perut Laper Enters the Top 45 in 2019 Public Service Innovation Competition


    JAKARTA - Information System for Plantation Land Allocation or Laper Stomach Map which was initiated by the Provincial Government of West Java (West Java) is included in the Top 45 of 2019 Public Service Innovation Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (KemenPAN-RB) RI.

    Acting West Java Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum received an award certificate given by Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla at the RI Vice President's Palace, Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan, Jakarta, Tuesday (10/15/19).

    "We are grateful that our public service innovations have been appreciated again by the central government," Uu said.

    The Laper Stomach itself displays information on land suitability and commodities starting from suitable land (S1), quite suitable (S2), less suitable (S3), and not appropriate (N). Not only that, The Laper Stomach is also designed to show limiting factors for land classes outside of S1.

    Another plus point for the Laper Stomach is being able to provide a limiting factor engineering solution through recommendations for mechanical and vegetative land management. The information is expected to answer farmers' questions in optimizing land use.

    The presence of the Laper Stomach is positively correlated with an increase in S1 planting land use. Before the Laper Stomach was present, in 2015, as much as 80% (390,534 Ha) of the 488,167 Ha planting area, plantation commodities were planted on land outside of S1.

    After the Laper Stomach is present, in 2016 to date, there has been an increase in the direction of S1 land use by 40% and a decrease in the direction of S2 and S3 land use by 60%. Increasing S1 land use and decreasing S2 and S3 land use are indicators of the success of the Laper Stomach.

    "It was said by people who can make innovation that means smart people, this innovation is certainly for the good and usefulness of the people of West Java," said Uu.

    After entering the Top 45 Public Service Innovations, The Stomach Laper will be competed to the international level, namely the United Nations Public Service (UNPSA) 2019. Uu also asked all parties to continue to innovate for the welfare of society.

    "I hope not to be complacent because we are participating in a higher event. And don't stop innovating," Uu said ending.

    In addition, the second-tier regions in West Java are included in the Top 45 Public Service Innovations 2019, namely Bogor Regency with an innovation called Si Dalmu Daliya (Quality Control System and Cost Control), and Cimahi City with an innovation called Gastrodiplomacy Cireundeu. (Even)

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