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    Introduce Geopark Ciletuh Through Kartini Ciletuh


    BANDUNG-Disaster and Research Centre of the University of Padjadjaran cooperate with West Java Provincial Government to hold event of “Kartini goes to Ciletuh Geopark" in introducing Ciletuh Geopark, Sukabumi, 15-17 April 2016.

    The activities to commemorate Kartini Day involving 21 women from various professions, housewives to students from various majors at Padjadjaran University. Along with Kartini Day to forward the image of women in Indonesia.

    Head of Disaster and Research Centre of the Directorate of Research and Community Service of Padjadjaran University, Prof. Fatimah Mega Rosana said that the event was to promote Ciletuh Geopark as one of tourist destination in West Java.

    Ciletuh Geopark is an area of old rocks travel nature park has been certified as a national geopark by the Indonesian National Committee for UNESCO and the Ministry of Energy. Its existence is already eligible for a certificate from UNESCO, reminds the diversity of geological phenomena, biological diversity and cultural diversity.

    Inauguration of Ciletuh as a national geopark by UNESCO to be the international geopark is the target of the provincial government in 2017. It has a very beautiful scenery because such as waterfall, cliffs, hills to the coast. Natural rock contained in this geopark is the result of sedimentation of various fossils, faults, and a slab of earth tens of millions of years ago.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of the Committee of Kartini Ciletuh from Kreasindo Community, Juston Pangaribuan, said 21 women participants of these activities have in common, where the softness of their souls like adventure and daring to try out of their daily routine. The modern Kartini will visit numerous locations in Ciletuh Geopark. "It's location, Awang Curug waterfall, Central Curug, Puncak Manik, Sodong Curug, Cimarinjung waterfall and some un-named waterfall.

    The second day, the tour will head to the Puncak Dharma to plugg the National Flag and also Padjadjaran University flag.

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