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    Acting West Java Governor: Age Development Can Be Anticipated with the Qur'anic Guidelines


    BANDUNG - Plh. Governor of West Java (West Java) Uu Ruzhanul Ulum explained, the development of the world today has changed the character and mindset of human beings, especially with the presence of digital technology.

    That, said Uu, can be anticipated by studying the Holy Qur'an. So, the Qur'an can be a guide to human life and be the source of all sources of law in the world.

    "The development of the world today is getting more intense, faster, and changing paradigms, mindsets, and sometimes changing human character and character," Uu said when opening the International Dauroh seminar in Bandung, Saturday (12/10/19).

    "This can all be anticipated by implementing the values ??contained in the Koran, because the Koran is our guide, the Koran is our priest," he added.

    In this seminar with the theme 'Shaping the Quranic Generation in the Millennial Era', Uu also hoped that the heads / representatives of State Madrasah schools throughout West Java as participants could apply various scientific Qur'anic methods not only for themselves, but also disseminated to the public to the progress and benefit of the people.

    "After they (participants) get knowledge from various sources, it can be used not only for personal but also delivered to the public," said Uu.

    "With the hope, the people of West Java are people who have morality, who are able to implement the values ??of Islam in the nation and 

    state," he said.

    Uu did not forget to express his appreciation to the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion of West Java Province, which organized 

    the International Dauroh seminar.

    "This activity is the driving force of the success of the acceleration of the vision and mission of West Java, especially the champion in the inner field," said Uu.

    Related to the inner field, Uu said the program of public awareness of the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) aims to balance the world development and the afterlife of the West Java people.

    Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion of West Java Province A Buchori meanwhile said, all religious programs in West Java must synergize with programs in the Ministry of Religion.

    "So that this seminar activity is to support other activities, to fill the program that has been launched by the West Java Provincial Government," said Buchori.

    In this International Dauroh seminar also was given new knowledge about various learning methodologies of the Koran with the resource person namely the Managing Director of Islamic Madrasah Qarawiyyin University, Sheikh Sheikh Dr. Mustofa Najim and Minister of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia Lukman Hakim Syaifuddin.

    It is expected that from various methods available one can accelerate one of the West Java Provincial Government programs namely One Village One Hafidz Al Quran (Sadesa).

    "We want to give a new discourse, that the learning methodology of the Koran is a lot, so we come up with new methodologies. Hopefully this method matches what we expect and matches what we planned, "said Buchori.

    "There is a Qur'anic learning methodology that turns out that after we read, there is a method that the more limbs included in memorizing the Quran, the more or stronger the memories our children will get," he said. (Even)

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