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    SBM ITB Intensifies the Importance of Big Data as a driver of ecosystem services in the Digital Economy Era


    BANDUNG, -Big data in the business concept has a very important role for the company to be able to compete in the industry. Because, currently the industry is facing technological disruption, which triggers changes in economic, management, business, social, political patterns, cultural patterns.
    The Vice Dean of ITB SBM Resources, Dr. Aurik Gustomo, said that big data plays a role in understanding the target demographic information and customer preferences because it is able to describe how the customer's behavior is practical.
    "If analyzed correctly, this big data can be used to find the character of customers so that companies can utilize this insight to improve products, business strategies, and marketing campaigns to meet customer desires," Aurik said when found on the SBM ITB campus, Saturday (12 / 10/2019)
    Although the public already knows the benefits of the concept of big data. However, only this time the use and implementation of technology for speed and data efficiency can be analyzed.
    "In the future, whether the data is structured or not, it will grow substantially. The data will be collected and examined to reveal unexpected insights and even help predict the future," he explained
    He mentioned that big data will become an important asset for the company because the trend of big data utilization in Indonesia is expected to be more massive along with the digitalization era.

    To be able to implement the results of big data Analytics also requires collaboration from all actors involved in a business environment.

    We want to build ecosystem services that are strengthened by big data to get a Sustainable Business Environment.
    "This will be a great benefit for the Indonesian state, especially the digital economy sector," he stressed
    Responding to the importance of big data in company growth, SBM ITB held a "Leaders Forum and Alumni Sharing" event with the topic "Applying Big Data to Empower Your Business" on Saturday (12/10) at the SBM ITB Auditorium, Jl Ganesha, Bandung.
    Aurik explained that the theme of "Applying Big Data to Empower Your Business" is expected to provide practical and realistic insights for Big Data practitioners.
    "Provides an understanding of the function of Big Data in a business context
    Equating the perception of the role of Big Data in helping companies to be able to compete in the era of digital transformation, "he explained
    The Leaders Forum Agenda & Alumni Talks invited several Big Data Experts and Practitioners from different industries and backgrounds.
    Some speakers who attended were Eko Agus Prasetio (Director of Management of Technology Laboratory SBM ITB), Manahan Siallagan (Director of Big Data Analysis and Social Simulation Laboratory of SBM ITB) and Rohit Kumar (CEO of Rosebay Consulting, Big Data Experts & Practitioners).
    "Each speaker is expected to be able to provide perspective on Big Data with a different perspective, in accordance with best practices in their respective companies so that it can help businesses realize the importance of implementing big data for their businesses," he explained
    On the same occasion, SBM ITB also signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the industrial world.
    The Dean of SBM ITB Prof. Dr. Ir. Sudarso Kaderi Wiryono DEA said the scope of the agreement included holding various recruitments on campus or career fairs, internships for students and lecturers. Job openings, writing case studies, joint research, conducting workshops and guest lectures in various fields according to need.
    "The collaboration that will take place can also have an impact on the economy, social and environment, as well as community service," he concluded (Pun)

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