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    First in Indonesia, SBM ITB Implemented the Business Learning Ecosystem Curriculum


    BANDUNG, - School of Business Management Bandung Institute of Technology (SBM ITB) implemented the first Business Learning Ecosystem Curriculum in Indonesia.

    The Vice Dean of ITB SBM Resources, Dr. Aurik Gustomo, S.T., M.T., explained the concept of the curriculum with this business system is the latest development of companies or educational institutions that still rely on internal resources.

    "It turns out that this time is not enough so that we make the components," he told reporters after attending the "Leaders Forum and Alumni Sharing" event with the topic "Applying Big Data to Empower Your Business" in the Freeport Building, SBM ITB Campus, Jl Ganesha, Bandung City, Saturday (10/12/2019)

    The principle of the curriculum is that all subjects must be integrated. So, from semester I - IX there are courses that integrate all courses in each semester.

    "That's the first concept that we then introduce in the new curriculum," he said

    Furthermore, in the integrated course SBM ITB applies a busines learning ecosystem by finding ideas from students. The idea can even come from outside the internal community of SBM ITB.

    "We can invite practitioners, startups, and even governments to give ideas that are in line with the subjects," he said

    After that, Aurik said, his party implemented a live laboratory that was not limited to SBM ITB, but industry and startups.

    He considered, this concept will spearhead the development of education in the future so that it can accelerate the knowledge of students to be able to follow the development of business in the future.

    "So that's what is called the concept of business learning ecosystem," concluded Aurik. (Even)

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