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    ODMC in West Java is High 2


    BANDUNG- The case of crazy people was divided into two categories, namely People with Psychiatric Problems (ODMK) and People with Mental Disorders (ODGJ).

    Director of Mental Illness (RSJ) of West Java Province, Elly Marliyani explained, the characteristics of ODGK usually, they have thoughts that are not realistic, or can be called autistic, where what is seen and thought by ordinary people, with what is seen and thought by ODGJ different.

    "For example, we think is a mic for loudspeakers, but they think it could be something that will cause him to go to seventh heaven, so that the ODGJ has autistic thinking," he said

    While ODMK, according to Elly, they have thoughts that are almost the same as ordinary people where they are realistic, however, usually they experience mood disorders, disturbance of feelings, either anxious, sad, scared or difficult to sleep.

    "There are more ODMKs, compared to ODGJ, if in West Java there were around 9.6% or 10 out of 100 people experiencing ODMK," Elly said, in the West Java Got Information (Japri) event at Gedung Sate, Friday (11/10) . (Parno)

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