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    West Java Cooperate with JPIP To Explore Innovation in Public Service Acceleration


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government emphasising and encouraging all regional organisation (OPD), as well as the District/ City in the reign to keep innovating.

    Innovation becomes a necessity to accelerate the presence of well-being and the achievement of development outcomes that can be fully perceived by the public. Innovation is expected to be a breakthrough or a business process that is unique, exciting and accelerating.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) revealed that it is time to think out of the box, or make new breakthroughs to create effective and efficient service and make various affairs easier.

    "It was exciting innovation as said Steve Jobs. Creating people curious to continue to work, and discover something new. Especially for the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) who has main duty to serve the community on behalf of the state. Therefore, innovations we need to be present at the service, or innovations we are present in the community empowerment process impact on the advancement of the economy,” said Aher.

    West Java provincial government cooperate with the Jawa Pos Institute of Pro-Autonomy (JPIP) for extracting Public Service Innovation on each OPD. Working meeting between the Provincial Government, the OPD, and Regency/City was held at Papandayan Meeting Room of Gedung Sate - Bandung, Friday (15/04/16).

    JPIP is an institution for monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of regional autonomy, such as the initiation of good governance, the formulation of government regulation, the ministerial decree, as well as the form of governance index measurement. JPIP is already part of the formulation of some regulations on regional autonomy.

    "One secrets of the public service that could be a good and effective service is by encouraging OPD and District/City to continue to innovate. The urge to be forward is not a variable, but multitude variables. So JPIP as the Institute Pro- Autonomy will help us associated with the business of innovation,” said Governor Aher.

    Furthermore, the Governor said that this meeting was used to explore innovation and make careful planning for the future. According to him, planning is the key to success. Planning will lead to success. Despite good planning was not fully guarantee for success but success will never happen without good planning.

    "Therefore, as we do the planning every year, like yesterday we just executed Musrenbang at the provincial level. Development planning is the theme of innovation that needs to be packaged well. Although we innovate, but innovation itself is not packed, it cannot be an innovation. It’s not a breakthrough,” he said.

    "For example of SAMSAT Gendong, that the impact felt pretty good by pursuing taxpayers who do not pay taxes without cause fear,” added Aher.

    In addition, according to Aher, innovation can also be presented on the Social Movement, how to create an innovative social movement to straighten out the behaviour of people better. He pointed out with the existing of individualism in society. Ronda activity is not desirable, then finish the environment rubbish had enough with pay dues. We made the Social Movement which have a unique and powerful impact than just paying dues,” said Aher.

    Of course in the end, in order to accelerate the innovation of various public services to encourage the achievement of the results of this development, he often convey that should all boils down to three things: the completion of poverty, the completion of the unemployment problem, and the preservation of the environment.
    Meanwhile Director Executive of JPIP Rohman Budijanto revealed that it had experienced since 2001. Under the name of pro-autonomy, he admitted that he wanted autonomy was a success.

    "So we oversee how the innovator in district/city, also in SKPD and OPD feel accompanied, appreciated and criticised. So they encouraged to innovate for the sake of progress," said Budijanto.

    "Actually, it's the governor wants to motivate all levels of government in West Java province to be more innovative and more responsive to the needs of public services," he said.

    In line with Aher, there are many areas that need a touch of innovation, such as economics, education, political participation field, etc. At the working meeting, it will listen, evaluate, assess, how the innovations that have been made is being implemented, and will be designed can be developed further.

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