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    Aher: Alhamdulillah, Volume of West Java Regional Budgets (APBD) is Growing Continuously


    BANDUNG-Governor of West Java, H. Ahmad Heryawan said that compared with the year 2008, the volume of the West Java regional budget has increased threefold. The recent volume of APBD after the change become of Rp 28.5 trillion, whereas in 2008, only Rp 7 trillion.

    “Alhamdulilah, our APBD is growing continuously. The increase has been three times higher. Of course this is the mandate that we have to execute,” said the Governor of West Java who was familiarly called Kang Aher was at the handover of DPPA 2015 to OPD/Bureau of Governments of West Java Province, in the West Hall Gedung Sate, Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung, Friday (23/10).

    Aher said that the volume of pure APBD 2015 amounted to Rp 25.3 trillion, while now after the change become Rp 28.5 trillion. The enhancement is approximately Rp 3.2 trillion. The income was also remarkable increase, despite of the economic slowdown.

    In the pure budget (APBD) 2015, income become Rp 23.914 trillion and after the budget changes, the income become Rp 23.981 trillion, or increasing amounted to Rp 67.413 billion.

    "Despite the economic slowdown in our country, it turns out we still grow in our income. We certainly have to get better at spending it well. Not only good at spending, but had to spend the budget on the right target,” he said.

    Record this year, there is a slowdown in absorption. But by October 21, 2015, the budget absorption has reached 54%. This budget absorption is higher than East Java, Central Java and Yogyakarta.

    Aher hopes that all budgets absorbed well, so that the economy in the West Java province continues to move and beat more strongly.



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