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    West Java Deputy Governor Motivates Youth Mosques throughout Indonesia


    REGENCY OF SUKABUMI - West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum opened the Mujahid National Mosque Brigade in 2019. The camp was held by the Indonesian Mosque Youth Youth Communication Agency (BKPRMI) at the Haji Cikembar Dormitory, Sukabumi Regency, Friday (11/10/19).

    On this occasion, Uu motivated 1,300 youth of the mosque who came from all over Indonesia. He asked teenagers to continue to prosper the mosque through various activities.

    According to Uu, the mosque institute has a goal to build its people into personal character. That will form the younger generation.

    "I hope young teenagers who have not been active to be active in the mosque. Because there (mosque) there is character building, namely mental development given by the clerics and the kiai at every opportunity, "he said.

    "Therefore, I hope that teenagers throughout Indonesia can get to know mosques, depart and return to mosques, utilize mosques for other means of worship and social life," he added.

    For Uu, the mosque has various assets. The most important asset of a mosque is its worshipers.

    "The biggest asset in a mosque building, not a soft and thick carpet, not a good sound system and a magnificent tower. But besides that there are pilgrims, make pilgrims as the mosque's greatest assets and the most attention, especially in the construction of networks or networks between ulama and umara, between leaders and their people, "Uu said.

    Uu also invited BKPRMI of West Java to be directly involved in religious programs initiated by the Regional Government of West Java Province, such as the Maghrib of Koran, Fajr Congregation, and Intimate Credit.

    "For BKPRMI in West Java, I want to be successful in the West Java Champion Born Inner program which has the Maghrib Koran program, Fajr in Congregation, and also about the Mesta credit," he said.

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