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    Acting West Java Regional Secretary Hopes Medical Students Contribute in Indonesia


    BANDUNG CITY - Acting Regional Secretary of West Java Province Daud Achmad invited medical students who are members of the Central of Indonesian Medical Student Activities (CIMSA) to contribute to improving the quality of health in Indonesia.

    In addition, Daud also encouraged CIMSA to participate in building and increasing health facilities while improving services to the community, especially in remote areas.

    "In West Java, we have a Layat Rawat program and there is a Puskesmas Car (MPUS). It's a car that can later come to remote villages to be able to serve the whole community, "Daud said while attending the CIMSA 2019 Welcoming Party October Meeting in Grand Pasundan, Bandung City, Thursday (10/10/19).

    "So I am confident and hope that this event will be able to produce something. Is that a concept, idea or breakthroughs on how to solve or help solve health problems, especially public health in Indonesia, "he added.

    Daud also hopes that medical graduates have a social life by serving people in remote areas. Moreover, he said, one of the health problems is the unequal medical staff, including in West Java.

    "But I am sure the children gathered in CIMSA will have social lives and serve the community. Of course, they need the help of a doctor to take care of their health, "he said.

    CIMSA President Thesya Anastasia said, CIMSA is an Indonesian medical organization based on activities to contribute and improve health in the country.

    While the CIMSA 2019 Welcoming Party October Meeting, said Thesya, aims to share experiences, discuss issues related to health, and design programs. The participants themselves are representatives of medical students throughout Indonesia.

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