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    Provincial Government Asks West Java Jaswita to Increase PAD through Tourism Visits


    BANDUNG - Deputy Governor of West Java (West Java) Uu Ruzhanul Ulum asked for the role of PT West Java Tourism and Tourism (Perseroda) or Jaswita West Java in increasing tourist visits in West Java.

    That way, the West Java Province's Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD) in the tourism sector can be optimal in encouraging an increase in Regional Original Revenue (PAD) province with the largest population in Indonesia.

    When giving direction at the PT Jasa Layanan dan Wisata (Persero) General Meeting of Shareholders (RUPS), in Bandung, Friday (11/10/19), Uu also appreciated the holding of the 2019 Company Work Plan and Budget (RKAP) RUPS Jaswita Jabar .

    "Our hope Jaswita is a company that can be relied upon to increase the PAD of West Java Provincial Government (Provincial Government)," Uu said.

    "Because the spirit of the birth of BUMD is to increase PAD. The criterion is whether the company (tourism) is good or not seen from (the number of) tourism visitors which is identical to the increasing PAD, "he added.

    This year, West Java Jaswita is projected to increase the West Java Regional Government's PAD to Rp3.5 billion. Even in the following year, said Uu, West Java Jaswita is expected to increase the West Java Regional Government's PAD to Rp10 billion.

    In addition, Uu also asked for solidity among the management of West Java Jaswita so that it could create an element of happiness in the company.

    "To increase prosperity and quality of work, the element of happiness is very important. It means that the solidity between the leadership and other employees must be truly awakened, "said Uu.

    President Director of PT PT Jasa and Tourism of West Java (Perseroda) Deni Nurdyana Hadimin meanwhile said, the company with the nickname Jaswita West Java really wanted to contribute significantly in increasing the West Java Regional Government's PAD.

    "God willing, we are trying to realize this in the form of the RUPS RKAP this time. We have indeed made this RUPS RKAP to make it more real, meaning that real income is not just figures on paper, but we make the best contribution, "said Deni.

    The related strategy, continued Deni, that is, it would undertake various steps of innovation, not just business expansion to services and property as it had previously done.

    "In the period (the management of West Java Jaswita) we are currently playing in the field of tourism," said Deni.

    Deni is also optimistic that the target for PAD of West Java Provincial Government next year from Jaswita West Java can reach Rp10 billion. Moreover, there are several assets that will be taken over by the company.

    "We innovate a lot. In the past three months we have withdrawn Jaswita's assets that we have taken over. I am sure we will earn quite a lot of income, "said Deni.

    "Even in the next few weeks we will also do an MoU for example with BIJB (West Java Kertajati International Airport), we will build a hotel in BIJB," he concluded.

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