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    Ridwan Kamil Welcomes 71 Residents of West Java from Wamena in the Pakuan Building


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java (West Java) Governor Ridwan Kamil welcomed 71 Jabar residents, who chose to return to their hometown after the Wamena affair, Jayawijaya Regency, Papua, at the Pakuan Building, Wednesday (9/10/19).

    They come from 13 districts / cities. The details, Kab. Garut 18 people, Kab. Majalengka (2), Kab. Sukabumi (7), Bandung City (4), Kab. Bandung (5), Kab. Kuningan (2), Kab. Tasikmalaya (6), Kab. Sumedang (8), Kab. Subang (8), Kab. Purwakarta (3), Kab. Bogor (4), Kab. Indramayu (3), and Kab. Ciamis (1).

    In his remarks, Emil - Ridwan Kamil's nickname - welcomed the residents of West Java who had wandered in Papua. "I say wilujeng sumping in the joy of the world in the Pakuan Building. We are thankful for Allah's amazing blessings, "Emil said.

    According to Emil, the West Java residents will be repatriated to their respective hometowns through the Regency / City Social Service. He also said, some of them wanted to return to Papua, especially Wamena.

    "So, the majority still wants to continue returning to Wamena, some want to return (to West Java), we will facilitate both of them. And we make sure they are also not neglected, if we have decided what kind of endeavor we will facilitate, "he said.

    Emil said that in 2014, he was appointed as an indigenous child in Wamena. At that time, he planted a tree in the house of the chief. He also hopes that Wamena will be conducive soon.

    "I pray, God hope that Papua can return to normal, so things like this do not happen again. We open communication, "said Emil.

    "Moreover, in 2014 I had an inner bond in Wamena, I was adopted by an indigenous child at that time, planting a tree in the house of his tribe chief. So, there is personal sadness over the situation in Wamena. I pray that we will recover quickly, we can rebuild together, we Sundanese, West Javanese people love Papua very much and if there is any need we will support. "

    "Including Papuans who are students, students in West Java will surely make sure we feel safe, comfortable. If there is anything contact us, God willing, we guard, we want to advance together as the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, "Emil added.

    Emil also stated, West Java residents in Papua deserve appreciation. Because, they are famous as a good person by upholding the philosophy of succession as well as conscience as well as wawangi.

    "I heard that Sundanese in Wamena are fine. Never cause trouble. Ladies and Gentlemen, we should be proud of that, where the earth is trampled where the sky is held, is very guarded by the Sundanese people, "he said.

    "I traveled all over Indonesia and never heard a single complaint about the existence of Sundanese people who were migrants. So we always adjust, so we flow like water following the shape. Why? Because we have the principle of haning, hening, hening, and wawangi. Omat, that identity must be maintained, "Emil added.

    The Chairperson of the Sunda Association of Ngumbara Iriyanto Pawika appreciates the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) for his assistance so far. He said, the efforts made by the West Java Provincial Government were relatively fast and responsive.

    "Because (West Java Provincial Government) is the fastest response to the emergency and the delivery is neat, the data collection is so fast," said Iriyanto.

    Iriyanto added, until now there are still many Sundanese residents in Papua. Because there are still many of them who want to remain in Papua. "Not all of those present go home now. "Many of our residents (West Java) still love Papua and still live in Papua, still living in Wamena," he said.

    Many West Java residents work as traders in Papua. Like citizens from Rajapolah, Tasikmalaya, Kushenryk Napiana.

    "Working there, trading curtains, sometimes using motorbikes, sometimes walking. The fabric can be from Bandung or Surabaya, "Engkus said.

    Although he had returned to West Java, Engkus - Kushenryk's familiar greeting - claimed he wanted to return to Wamena, Papua. "God willing, if I personally still want to return to Wamena," he hoped.

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