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    West Java Provincial Government Supports the Construction of Mosques to Succeed the Mission of Peace


    REGENCY OF SUBANG - Deputy Governor of West Java (West Java) Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said, the construction of the mosque is in line with the vision of the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) in creating the West Java Champion Born Inner.

    For this reason, Uu expressed his gratitude to Haji Syaiful Anwar who had built the Great Hajj Syaiful Anwar Mosque in Sukamulya Nagrog Jaya Village, Pagaden District, Subang Regency.

    According to Uu, the construction of the mosque by Haji Syaiful Anwar and his family was part of the support of elements of the community in realizing the mission of the West Java regional government.

    In addition, Uu also appreciated the management of the Haji Syaiful Anwar Mosque because the mosque was part of the Mosque Information System (Simas), which was launched by the Ministry of Religion, Kab. Subang

    "I thank Mr. Haji Syaiful Anwar along with his wife who built the mosque as a means of worship of the Maghdah and Ghair Maghdah as a form of support for the success of the West Java Champion in the inner field," Uu said when inaugurating the Haji Syaiful Anwar Mosque on Thursday (10/10) / 19).

    "This certainly adds a means to increase worship. We hope that this mosque can be useful and beneficial for the people, "he added.

    Furthermore, Uu said that the mosque is a building that is meaningful and has dimensions. The first dimension, the mosque as a place of worship Maghdah and Ghair Maghdah worship.

    Maghdah worship itself is a direct worship of Allah, such as prayer and fasting. While the Ghair Maghdah worship is a worship that is done between human beings or social affairs which are carried out because of Allah SWT's intention.

    "Therefore, my hope is that the mosque is everywhere, let us take advantage of the mosque for worship maghdah and ghair maghdah," said Uu.

    "It means, let's take advantage of the mosque not only for prayer or ghair maghdah, but let's use the mosque to discuss economic (for example) origin for the benefit of the people," he added.

    The second dimension of the mosque, said Uu, is the function of the mosque that can be used as a symbol of Islam. This is important as a sign of the greatness of Islam.

    In addition, Uu also explained a number of public awareness programs that were initiated by the West Java Provincial Government under the leadership of West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil and himself, including the Maghrib Mengaji program, Prayers of the Congregation, and Mesra Credit.

    "Our hope, the mosque can also help government programs, especially in the religious field. The first is about the Koran Maghrib, so in this mosque we hope that after the Maghrib there is a Koran study, "Uu said.

    "The second, Fajr Congregation. Fajr here we hope many worshipers. And the third is channeling the Intimate Credit program. Therefore, the Chairman of DKM must communicate from today with the bjb bank in Subang Regency to follow up on the Intimate Credit program, "he concluded.

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