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    Farmers Should Ready To Face MEA


    BANDUNG-A total of 68 representatives from Farmers Group (Gapoktan) in Indonesia held gathering in Bandung following the Technical Assistance for Farmers Capacity Building Institutional Leadership who held by the Ministry of Agriculture, on 13-16 April 2016.

    Head of Agricultural Extension of the Ministry of Agriculture Fatham M Rasyid said farmers should be a manufacturer and a leader in the field in increasing food productivity.

    "with leadership development and entrepreneurship that not only in local but global coverage," he said in Bandung.

    The activity was also attended by the regional board of Farmers and Fishermen Group (KTNA) of 34 provinces in Indonesia. For three days the representatives of farmer leaders from across the province will receive a technical briefing related to leadership development of its food manufacturer.

    He mentioned that farmers groups combined that present in the technical guidance of farmers institutional leadership in Bandung is that they are whi have received award. Their presence is expected to be an inspiration and provide experience to other farmer groups in Indonesia.

    Fathan A Rashid says it now has recorded as many as 510,071 farmer groups in Indonesia and 61,144 Farmers Group (Gapoktan). Of that number as many as 14,068 farmer families group.

    "The number of incoming new SME category is in five percent, it is still small. We encourage farmer groups that continue to be motivated to rise further classes from beginner to intermediate to enter the main category," he said.

    Furthermore, he urged farmers entering the group and organisation, due to the new regulations by all the aid in agricultural sector will be given based on farmer groups combined (Gapoktan).

    According to him, the increase in the capacity of farmer institutional leadership is very important, especially when entering the era of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). He said farmers committed to strengthen leadership to the level of farmers group in order to improve the competitiveness and productivity of Indonesian farmers.

    "The strong farmer institutional become a big capital. Otherwise how it can improve the welfare of farmers when its organisation is weak, then it will be difficult to rise," said Fathan.

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