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    Thematic Community Service is Unstructured Yet


    BANDUNG- The Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia gave appreciation to a number of Higher Education Institutions that had held Thematic Work Lectures (KKN) that were more to support government programs especially handling the Citarum River problem.

    But according to the Deputy Assistant for Education and Training at the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs, Tb. Haeru Rahayu, Thematic KKN conducted by the university, has not been well structured.

    "There are Thematic KKN, you can see a lot, right? But I see they are still not well structured, they should be sorted out, which KKN should be critical land, which is KJA, which is garbage and how is the provision of healthy living," he said.

    Haeru stated, currently his party was coordinating with universities so that the Thematic KKN that the students did could be more focused and there were targets to be achieved.

    "KKN is not only the number, not only a lot, not only in unison but also must be more focused and there are targets to be achieved," said Haeru, in the 2-year Evaluation Workshop Program on Acceleration of Pollution and Damage Control Acceleration in the KBB Padalarang, Wednesday (09/09) / 10). (Parno)

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