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    Stories from Those Who Pick up West Java Residents in Wamena


    BANDUNG CITY - Ahmad Nur Ramadian rushed to pack clothes and prepare mentally when the leader of the National Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas) Prov. West Java asked him to go to Wamena, Kab. Jayawijaya, Papua.

    Ahmad did not go alone, but the mission he carried was quite heavy, namely picking up 71 residents of West Java who chose to return to their hometowns after the Wamena riots while ensuring their safety.

    There was anxiety that settled in Ahmad's mind before carrying out the mission. What else if not the shadow of the gripping condition of Wamena. What he imagined was people carrying sharp weapons and firearms pacing the streets and villages. Meanwhile, residents of West Java and Wamena are depressed in the refugee camp.

    However, the shadows vanished when Ahmad met Sundanese Penguyuban Chief Ngumbara M. Iriyanto Pawika and visited the refugee camp.

    "Don't imagine the place of refuge like a tent or a big hall. The refugee camp is a complex that is inhabited by local residents. However, the house key was given to Pak Iriyanto for West Java residents, "Ahmad said in the Pakuan Building, Wednesday (9/10/19).

    When stepping foot in Papua, Ahmad did not see any excessive fear. West Java residents relations with the local community was liquid. There are no barriers that I am a comer or host.

    "Communication and relations between native Papuans and migrants are good, especially with West Java residents. Because West Java residents there are able to make Wamena's economy develop. That clearly makes the citizens of Wamena miss the presence of West Java residents, "he said.

    However, riots broke out. Even though it didn't cause deep trauma, the people in my hometown were restless and worried. West Java residents in Wamena decided to go home. Not to leave Wamena forever, but to tell the family that Wamena is beautiful and comfortable - all is well.

    "The returnees don't always want to stay in West Java. But, they only just let go of miss with family. So, they want to go back there. Because they are the people who contribute to building the economy there, "Ahmad said.

    "I learned from them. They moved from their hometown to here (Papua) to be able to survive, to develop the economy. West Java residents were very welcome in Wamena. In addition to contributing, they uphold someah's motto there, "he added.

    During his stay at Wamena, Ahmad did not get any significant obstacles. The only thing that bothered him was the plane ticket. Yes, the group had to postpone the trip home for a few days because they did not get a ticket home.

    "Requests for tickets from Jayapura to Jakarta were very high, so, I was directly assigned to return tickets, I had difficulties. All airlines are almost full. I don't want to have to be moved (flight schedule to West Java), "he said.

    The same story was also told by Andri Adi from DT Peduli. For him, the biggest obstacle is accommodation. He also ran out of tickets when flying to Jayapura from Wamena.

    "The Hercules plane was limited. I had difficulty getting to the refugee camps of West Java Residents. The quota of other airlines is already full because many people will travel like me, "Andir told West Java Public Relations, Wednesday (9/10/19).

    Nevertheless, Andri's transportation problem was successfully resolved. One thing that surprised him was the contribution of West Java residents in Wamena. There are some Wamena residents who want them to stay there.

    "Communication between West Java residents and Wamena is very harmonious. That's because the contribution of West Java residents there. So I am not surprised that many West Java residents have decided to remain there, "said Andri ending.

    Both Ahmad and Andri have completed their mission well. 71 residents of West Java landed in Pasundan Land in a healthy and happy condition. West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil did not forget to appreciate the efforts of various parties involved in the return of West Java residents. Certainly Ahmad and Andri became one of the parties who were appreciated by the number one person in West Java.

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