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    Anticipating Hoaks, West Java Regional Police Dirbinmas Appeals for Permanent Communities in Tabayun


    BANDUNG, - Dir Binmas West Java Regional Police Head of Police Commissioner Badya Wijaya appealed to the public, especially Muslims, to remain Tabayun in receiving all information.

    Thus Badya was revealed when attending the Foll Sollat ??activity in a congregation in the Abubakar Mosque Ass shidik,
    Jln. Abubakar shidik Kp Rancanumpang RT 04 RW 07 Kelurahan Cimencrang Gedebage District Bandung, Kamia (10/10/2019).

    West Java Police Binmas Director also conveyed the virtues of the dawn congregation sollat, West Java Police Kamtibmas Situation in a conducive state.

    "So that parents, teachers, toga, tomas, always supervise and give direction to their children so that they are not easily provoked and participate in carrying out activities that are not good, including taking part in demonstrations / demonstrations," he explained

    "Always meet when receiving information that has the potential to divide the people and to always increase the faith and devotion to Allah SWT so as to avoid doing things that are not good," he concluded

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