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    TPPAS Legok Nangka Regional Tipping Fee Has Been Agreed


    BANDUNG CITY- Six municipal / regency governments, namely Bandung City Government, Bandung Regency Government, Garut Regency Government, Sumedang Regency Government, West Bandung Regency Government, and Cimahi City Government agree to TPPAS Regional Legok Nangka tipping fee of Rp 386,000, - .

    The West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) will subsidize the tipping fee or the amount of the management service fee up to 30 percent or Rp 115,800 per ton. Meanwhile, 70 percent of the tipping fee or Rp 270,200 per ton of waste is charged to the local government user of the Legok Nangka Regional TPPAS waste management service.

    This was discussed in a meeting related to the Legok Nangka Regional TPPAS between West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil and the six regional heads in Gedung Sate, Bandung City, Wednesday (9/10/19).

    Emil - familiar greeting Ridwan Kamil said, an agreement on an important tipping fee was a prerequisite for the start of the Legok Nangka TPPAS auction process. "In this auction process an understanding, commitment from the city / regency is needed to agree on the tipping fee," Emil said.

    "This tipping fee is divided in half, we also subsidize from the province (West Java Provincial Government) around 30 percent and 70 percent from each region," he added.

    Emil added, in this waste management service, West Java Provincial Government provides Intermediate Transition Station (SPA) facilities. The SPA functions to sort waste to reduce the volume of waste before entering the Legok Nangka Regional TPPAS.

    On the same occasion, Emil said that the West Java Provincial Government would provide incentives to the regency / municipal government that succeeded in reducing the quantity of waste to the Legok Nangka TPPAS Regional.

    "We are also preparing Pergub (Governor Regulation) to provide incentives to regions that have succeeded in reducing their waste by 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) in the form of financial support from the province. So, while continuing, "he said.

    Waste supply that can be sent to the TPPAS Regional Legok Nangka must also meet the quantity, quality and suitability requirements. This means that the type of waste sent to the Legok Nangka Regional TPPAS must be in accordance with the technological needs there, such as non-medical and non-industrial waste.

    "Sarimukti TPPAS will end (operational) in 2023 and if Legok Nangka does not use technology, only four years will also be used up. So, there is no other choice of waste management. This technology must immediately switch technology, "Emil said.

    During the meeting, it was agreed that the waste supply could be sent by six regencies / cities using Legok Nangka Regional TPPAS. The provisions for the average supply of waste have also been agreed upon. The details, Bandung City 1,200-1,303 tons / day, Cimahi City 150-250 tons / day, Bandung Regency 300-345 tons / day, West Bandung Regency 78-86 tons / day, Sumedang Regency 28-32 tons / day, and Regency Garut 100-115 tons / day. The total amount of garbage is 1,853-2,131 tons / day.

    TPPAS Regional Legok Nangka is one of the waste management projects that can turn waste into electricity or the Electric Energy Waste Processing (PSEL). This project will be built under the Government Cooperation with Business Entity (KPSBU) scheme and it is proposed to get Feasibility Support from the Ministry of Finance. The TPPAS is expected to operate in 2023.

    While related to Feasibility Support from the Ministry of Finance for the Viability Gap Fund (VGF), this will be decided in December 2019 during the auction process.

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