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    Kementan Push Dissemination of Agricultural Utilisation


    BANDUNG-Kementan RI encourage the utilisation of agricultural dissemination. Through these effort, agricultural processed by the application of modern technologies. It thus presented Head of BPTP of Kementan RI, Lifendi Lukman in his statement to reporters, Friday (15/4) in Bandung.

    According to Lifendi, in order to realise the dissemination of agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture has launched 500 kinds of agricultural dissemination.

    However, unfortunately the use of new dissemination models reached of 30 percent. To maximise the utilisation of agricultural dissemination, Ministry of Agriculture RI improve education for agricultural actors, through training and counselling.

    Utilisation of dissemination is currently focused on some individual commodities: rice, corn, soy, ciili, beef and veal types of cocoa.

    Dissemination of agriculture, for the rice itself with maximum utilisation has increased productivity of rice. As an illustration, with the adoption of dissemination named “Jajar Legowo" which include applied in Indramayu, then rice productivity increases.

    Initially, before utilised dissemination rice productivity in the range of 5.8 to 6.2 tonnes per ha. With the use of the methods Jajar Legowo, become as one type of dissemination of rice productivity that reached 14 tons per ha.

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