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    Kushenryk Napiana and Wamena: I Say Goodbye, I (Want to) Return


    BANDUNG CITY - Who would have thought, an unplanned agenda could bring grace to Kushenryk Napiana.

    Nine months ago, this man from Rajapolah Village in Garut Regency was forced to go to Wamena City, Jayawijaya Regency, Papua Province to work to follow his father-in-law and brother-in-law.

    However, during the nine months that Wamena slowly transformed into a source of fortune for Kushenryk. A rented house on Jln. Wamena City District Experiment Elementary School is like a palace for him.

    In addition, Kushenryk found another happiness from his friendship with local residents in Wamena. "(Papuan) people were shocked, seeing my name and face, hahaha," Kushenryk said excitedly.

    When contacted by West Java Public Relations on Wednesday (9/10/19), Kushenryk also joked that he had two names. Namely 'Engkus' - from the prefix Kus - as a Sundanese distinctive name, and Henryk alias Kak Henryk who manifested as his close calls from the citizens of Papua.

    "As for face, they (local residents) say my face is not like Sundanese," Henryk said.

    Meanwhile, Engkus alias Kak Henryk is one of 71 residents of West Java (West Java) who chose to return to their respective regencies / cities after being affected by the Wamena trouble.

    Even so, the 33-year-old man insisted that he was not home because he was threatened by Papuans, or because he was forced to go home by the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov).

    Family. That is the only reason Henry returned to Garut.

    "So I am not going home now (to) recover the trauma, but I want to convey to my family that I am fine and still able to go there (Wamena)," Henry said.

    Husband for Iin Indrawati and father of Aditya Putra Pratama and Fauziatasya Arijanu also said, Wamena residents are so open and friendly to migrants, including residents of West Java who are synonymous with Sundanese culture.

    "I have a lot of friends there (Wamena), (coming home) they keep calling, where (already) where," he said.

    "My favorite is hipere, roasted sweet potatoes there. In addition, Wamena is also like Garut, (both) mountainous areas," Henryk said enthusiastically.

    The man who is a trader also said that people would not be disappointed if they visited Wamena. Because, many interesting and beautiful points that can spoil the eye.

    "The atmosphere is good, the people are also good. The view is when seen (like) Instagramable. Only if lovers (using) gadgets, (there) bad network, only one can," he said, mentioning the name of a national provider while laughing.

    "If you want to live a simple life, it's better to go to Wamena. There, we eat organic vegetables without pesticides. The city is also crowded, there are newcomers and local residents who (greet) greet each other," Henryk said.

    Now, Henry's footsteps bring him back to West Java. Before meeting his beloved family, he was enthusiastic to meet the figure of the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil in the welcoming ceremony of West Java residents from Papua at the Pakuan Building in Bandung City, Wednesday (9/10) night.

    "From the first to become Mayor (Bandung), I have followed Instagram (Ridwan Kamil). I am happy with his performance. Continue Kang! Let West Java be the real Champion," exclaimed Henryk.

    And, imagining his beautiful home in Garut, he could not wait to meet his little angel who was less than two years old.

    "The kid is funny and funny, he will be two years old in January (2020). When it comes to his wife, I don't ask for anything (cooking), haha. No need to bother," Henryk said.

    Now, for more than 10 hours drive from Sentani-Jakarta-Cimahi-Bandung, what are the gifts that can be shared by Engkus alias Sis Henryk?

    "All the dirty laundry hahaha. But I have a lot to tell, the Wamena people really care about the Sundanese," Henryk said.

    "What is certain, thank God I am refreshed again (after the trip). Initially a week of flu during the evacuation (BTN Sosial Sentani), (recovered) maybe after the fragrance of Heaven (arrived in Java). Glad the point," he concluded.

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