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    Governor Invites TP PKK to Continue Collaborating in Building West Java


    BANDUNG CITY - Currently, West Java Province with a population of approximately 49 million people is still faced with problems including high stunting and maternal and infant mortality rates, as well as birth control and population quality improvement.

    To that end, the Governor of West Java (West Java) Ridwan Kamil invited the PKK Mobilization Team (TP) of West Java Province and 27 regencies / cities to jointly develop West Java by collaborating with the government through related programs, including health.

    "So this is the focus of health, because health cases are still prominent in rural areas. Stunting is still widely gathered in rural areas, then there is a signal from the Head of West Java BKKBN that maternal deaths are also numerous in villages, including an increase in the percentage of births also in villages," Emil said - - greeting Ridwan Kamil.

    Even so, when attending the Declaration and Coordination Meeting of the PKK-KKBPK-Health Unity Level of the Province of West Java in 2019 at Gedung Sate Bandung, Wednesday (09/10/2019), Emil said he was sure of what the department / agency was doing together. West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) is good.

    "Learning from other countries, in fact our social system is extraordinary in reaching all forms. We only need to (increase) cohesiveness to bring family progress in villages, cities and West Java," he added.

    The cooperation, continued Emil, could realize the concept of Pentahelix ABCGM (Academic, Business, Community, Government, Media) which became the method of the Provincial Government in developing West Java on various sides. Even collaboration with TP PKK is one of the manifestations of the Pentahelix concept.

    "The task of building West Java is a joint task. We invite academics, entrepreneurs, communities, and the media to collaborate to realize West Java the Champion of Birth and Bathin with innovation and collaboration," Emil said referring to West Java's vision.

    West Java Province PKK TP Chairman Atalia Praratya Ridwan Kamil meanwhile stated that his party was ready to collaborate with the government to initiate innovation programs in strengthening resilience and family development.

    One of them is through the Women's Dream and Dream School program (Sekoper Cinta) and the Mobile Broadcasting Program (Sarling).
    Atalia also agreed that to develop West Java, ABCGM collaboration was needed so that the program could be implemented quickly and in accordance with the target.

    "In addition, related to collaborative programs with the Government of West Java Province we have a Suitcase of Love so that the problems of women and families can be resolved by Housewives."

    "There is also the Mutual Program, in this program we move to 27 cities / districts and now it's the ninth point. Here we also carry out collaborative programs," he added.

    Adapted at the event themed 'We Move Families and Communities Healthy Living Towards Prosperous Indonesia', Atalia hopes that the theme is in line with the vision of the West Java Provincial Government in realizing West Java the Champion of Birth and Mind with Innovation and Collaboration.

    The PKK – KKBPK-Health Movement Unit itself is an intensification of the role of the PKK movement in the National Family Planning and Health Development program which is carried out in an integrated manner with related cross-cutting sectors at all levels of the region in order to build a prosperous family.
    Aside from being assessed as having an impact in improving the degree of public health and family security in West Java, Atalia said that this activity was also able to move the potential of all cadres to the level that directly interacts and serves the community and families in West Java.

    "As we know, this PKK cannot be underestimated, there are around 51 thousand Posyandus scattered, it is only one of the many programs in PKK. We have Working Groups I to IV which all touch 10 aspects of life in society," said Atalia

    "So I think what the government is doing as a regulator, we are implementing it in the field. So that we, as PKK cadres, are ready to help or disseminate government programs both at the central and provincial and city / district levels that exist today so that they can be aligned and truly able support and boost how the growth of welfare and empowerment in society, "he concluded.

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