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    Two Years Running, Citarum harum Shows Much Progress


    WEST BANDUNG REGency - West Java Governor who is also the Commander of the Citarum Harum Task Force (Ridans Kamil), Ridwan Kamil, stated that the Citarum Watershed Watershed Pollution and Damage Control Acceleration Program or known as Citarum Harum experienced much progress after two years running.

    "The point is that in the past two years there has been a lot of progress. Even with an adequate budget, "said Emil - greeting Ridwan Kami - after opening a two-year workshop on the Acceleration of Pollution and Damage Control in the Citarum Watershed at the Mason Pine Hotel, Kab. West Bandung, Wednesday (9/10/19).

    "We hope that there will be an acceleration in 2020 with the presence of World Bank funds which have been decided to go down in February (2020). Hopefully 2020, a year of failure from all sides because the budget is no longer an obstacle, "he added.

    Emil appreciated a number of steps, achievements and contributions of various parties, including the TNI / Polri. He also hopes that with the much progress that has been made, will change the status of Citarum into a clean river.

    "We hope that scientific status can be heavily polluted as soon as the class goes up to be moderately polluted, and at the end we can realistically become mildly polluted," he said. "Hopefully, with sustainability, we can present a better Citarum," he added.

    On the same occasion, Emil said that to deal with Citarum, two approaches could be carried out, namely the technocratic and populist approaches. The strategy needs to be part of the management of the Citarum Watershed Pollution and Pollution Control Acceleration program.

    "We always use two approaches. First, the technocratic approach, which is scientifically measurable. There is a (second) populist, short-term method that the people want to see. These two should be our strategies in communicating, "he said.

    "So, the Dansektor if they work are video-ins, their activities are shared, they are shared. So that residents see that we are in the process, "he continued.

    The 2 Year Workshop on the Citarum Watershed Pollution and Damage Control Acceleration Program is a comprehensive evaluation program conducted by the Citarum Harum Task Force. The workshop will be held for two days, 9-10 October 2019.

    "This workshop is an evaluation forum. Later the results of the afternoon will be a thorough evaluation of the aspects of coordination, aspects of law enforcement from the police. There are already many, for example, only dozens have been dealt with by the Regional Police, ”Emil said.

    Assistant Deputy for Education and Training Ministry of Maritime Affairs Coordinating Ministry Tb. Haeru Rahayu said, in this workshop, from 13 handling programs to six quick wins.

    According to Haeru, the most important thing from this workshop was the follow up that needed to be done in the future to accelerate the Citarum handling program.

    "The results (of the workshop) later in the morning each will be presented. The most important thing is how to follow up or the way forward after that with the ammunition they have. Ammunition is not just money, but personnel, infrastructure support, "he said.

    Haeru admitted, one of the problems since the two years the Citarum Harum program was running was the problem of coordination. In addition, the Task Force also wants to change the mindset of the community towards existing environmental problems.

    "What is not maximized is coordination. We are currently encouraging how the coordination of district / city governments is still very weak, "he said.

    "The TNI will not guard this forever. One day the TNI will return to their barracks, so changing the mindset of the people is also a problem, "he added.

    Even so, Haeru is optimistic that the Citarum handling program will run optimally and produce results. "The optimism is that there are still positive responses when we communicate with ministries / institutions, NGOs, and others," Haeru concluded.

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