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    West Java Deputy Governor Wants UPI Graduates to become Innovators in the Field of Education


    BANDUNG CITY- Excellent people are the best work of a college. To that end, Deputy Governor (Deputy Governor) of West Java (West Java) Uu Ruzhanul Ulum appreciates the existence of universities that have contributed to the nation in educating the nation's children, especially the younger generation as future leaders.

    Uu also appreciated the role of universities in developing science, including the Indonesian Education University (UPI). Even so, Uu advised the graduates and graduates not to forget to continue innovating.

    Determination to innovate, continued Uu, must be had because in the future, the type of work currently done routinely by humans could have been replaced by technological advances.

    "To the graduates, my message is to be an innovator, a carrier of change, for the good of the nation and state. Be a useful person," Uu said while attending the graduation ceremony of the Diploma, Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate Program, Wave III / 2019 UPI at the Gymnasium Building UPI Campus Bandung City, Tuesday (8/10/19).

    Moreover, Uu said that as a teacher, UPI teacher graduates could be a helper for the nation to produce other superior human beings. Hopefully, the presence of a teacher who has competence, idealism, and professional can improve the quality of education.

    Uu also encourages every innovation and renewal in the field of education in order to educate the life of the nation. "Life selection is getting harder, competition is getting tougher, skilled people will survive," Uu stressed.

    In addition, according to the vision of West Java Champion Born Inner, Uu hopes that UPI graduates and graduates can take a role in the progress of development in West Java.

    "If not by the people of West Java, by whom else will we go forward. Congratulations to the graduates and graduates, hopefully their knowledge is useful, the knowledge is blessing to the community," concluded Uu.

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