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    West Java Provincial Government Wins Award at IGA 2019


    JAKARTA - The Provincial Government of West Java (West Java) won the 2nd Most Innovative Provincial Government award in the 2019 Innovative Government Award (IGA) at Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta, Monday (7/10/19) night. The award was received directly by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil.

    IGA itself is held by the Ministry of Home Affairs (Ministry of Home Affairs) Research and Development Agency (BPP). The aim is to appreciate the development innovations implemented by the Provincial Government and Regency / City Governments.

    Emil - as Ridwan Kamil was called - said, the award was proof that the service of the West Java Regional Government was getting faster, more transparent, efficient, and there were a number of breakthroughs and fresh ideas in the development process.

    "Alhamdulillah, this year West Java has been promoted. We are the second best province with Central Java for government innovations in Indonesia, "Emil said.

    "This innovation becomes a spirit, an identity that serves the public must be faster, more transparent. Then also maximize efficiencies and breakthroughs, "he continued.

    According to Emil, during the one year of his leadership with Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, the West Java Provincial Government had given birth to a number of innovations, especially in the countryside. He was also optimistic that the vision of Jabar Champion Born Inner could be realized by continuing to innovate and collaborate.

    "God willing, West Java has a lot of smart people, many colleges, every day we do innovation. Moreover, for a year we have released many innovations in villages, cities, and others, "he said. "West Java will be an inner and outer champion and of course innovation is a necessity," he added.

    In addition, Emil will motivate all Regency / City Governments in West Java to continue to innovate in running the wheels of government and development. "Now there are two tasks in West Java, not only the province (to innovate), but also the region (district / city)," he said.

    "I will motivate 27 regions in our guidance to be present as the most innovative cities / regencies in Indonesia. "It had also been represented by several (districts / cities in West Java that received IGA)," he continued.

    The Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) Tjahjo Kumolo stated, there was an increase in the number of regional governments that won awards in the 2019 IGA.

    "We want to say that there has been progress compared to last year - (the regional government) at the provincial level is still the same (which received the most innovative regional government award), but at the district / city level new regions appear that have received awards," said Tjahjo.

    "From 534 regencies / cities and (34) provinces, our hope is that various innovations will still appear, but still almost 80 percent of the regions (which receive innovative regional government awards) will still be the same. I think this (IGA) can stimulate (other local governments) in the future, "he hoped.

    According to Tjahjo, innovation must be able to color regional development. Innovation itself must be able to cut costs, bureaucratic pathways, and long time. By doing so, innovation is able to bring goodness and a fast process in the implementation of development procedures.

    "Innovation was born to facilitate services in areas that can also be done easily, simply, cheaply, quickly, precisely, and make it easy for investors to do business," he added.

    Meanwhile, Head of the Ministry of Home Affairs BPP Dodi Riyadmadji said that there was significant progress towards the number of regional innovations that had been inputted by the local government through the application of the Regional Innovation Index.

    In 2018 the number of regional innovations that were input was 3,718 regional innovations. While in 2019 it increased by 217 percent to 8,014 regional innovations which are divided into three forms of innovation, namely governance innovation, public service innovation, and other innovations that are based on affairs that are the authority of the regions.

    "The implementation of the Innovative Government Award is carried out through rigorous selection through several stages, ranging from screening, field validation, and regional head presentations by involving an assessment team from expert elements and across ministries / institutions," explained Dodi.

    The IGA 2019 event was attended by 32 regional governments, consisting of five provinces, 16 districts, and eleven cities divided into six clusters, namely: Innovative Province Cluster, Innovative District Cluster, Innovative District Cluster, Innovative City Cluster, Regency of the Most Disadvantaged Regions, Regency / City Cluster Innovative borders assessed in the administration of local government.

    "We also report that local governments who received the Innovative Government Award nominees last year have received regional incentive funds for 2020. Hopefully next year the 2019 Innovative Government Award nominees will be given regional incentive funds in 2021," he said ending.


    The following is a list of names of regional governments that received IGA 2019:

    Border Area Category
    Rank 1: Pelalawan Regency
    Rank 2: Bengkalis Regency
    Rank 3: Regency of Morotai

    Disadvantaged Regions Category
    Rank 1: Sigi Regency
    Rank 2: Nabire Regency

    Innovative Regency
    Rank 1: Banyuwangi Regency
    Rank 2: Kulonprogo Regency
    Rank 3: Malang Regency
    Rank 4: Situbondo Regency
    Rank 5: Banggai Regency
    Rank 6: Agam Regency
    Rank 7: Musi Rawas Regency
    Rank 8: Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency
    Rank 9: Bogor Regency
    10th place: Padang Pariaman Regency

    The Innovative City Category
    Rank 1: Denpasar City
    Rank 2: Bogor City
    Rank 3: Bontang City
    Rank 4: Malang City
    Rank 5: Cimahi City
    Rank 6: City of Bandung
    Rank 7: Makassar City
    Rank 8: City of Magelang
    Rank 9: City of Surakarta

    The Innovative Province Category
    Rank 1: Central Java Province
    Rank 2: West Java Province
    Rank 3: West Sumatra Province
    Rank 4: DKI Jakarta Province
    Rank 5: Riau Province

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