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    West Java Parliament Members' Orientation, Deputy Governor Asks to Align Development Mission


    CIMAHI CITY - Deputy Governor (Deputy Governor) of West Java (West Java) Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said that the orientation activities of the members of the Regional Representative Council (DPRD) in West Java were important to harmonize development.

    In his direction in the Orientation Activity of Regency / City DPRD Members in West Java Term of Office 2019-2024 Wave I Batch I, II & III in West Java BPSDM Hall, Cimahi City, Tuesday (8/10/19), Uu said the perception of development must be equated to be in harmony and harmony.

    Moreover, continued Uu, the members of the council had a strategic function namely legislation, budgeting, and supervision. "Then this strategic function must be accompanied by a mindset of development that is also strategic," said Uu.

    In this Batch I, II, & III orientation of the Wave I activities, Uu also reminded that the basis of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia mandated that Indonesia be a state of people's sovereignty.

    That is, it is the people who have the good fortune and have power in this country. "Then becoming a member of the DPRD is to be a representative of the community. Meaning that Mr / Mrs who were present were elected people who were coveted by the community," Uu said.

    Uu added that West Java also has a development mission that touches on the material and spiritual aspects, both physical development and Human Resources, through the vision of the West Java Champion Born Inner. That matter, must come to the attention of members of the DPRD in their respective task areas.

    "We want the community to be fulfilled with clothing, food, shelter, health education, purchasing power, and increasing their happiness index," said Uu.

    "So let's align the direction of developing West Java prosper and Champion Born and Inner. We want to be together, partnered, one step with the members of the DPRD throughout West Java," he hoped.

    West Java Provincial BPSDM Head Muhamad Solihin meanwhile said, the orientation activities were held to re-invigorate the understanding of the members of the council related to nationalism, governance, with the outline of 'Development Priorities of West Java Provincial Government in 2018-2023'.

    This Batch I, II & III orientation activity was attended by 222 council members, consisting of 27 councilors from Kab. Cianjur, Kab. Bandung (23 council members), Kab. West Bandung (26), Kab. Ciamis (26), Kab. Garut (29), Kab. Bogor (20), Kab. Sumedang (26), Kab. Purwakarta (21), and Kab. Cirebon (24).

    "Activities for Wave I Batch I, II, & III will take place today (Tuesday) to Thursday at West Java BPSDM," said Solihin.

    The learning is done by the method of discussion and lecture with experienced speakers in related fields.

    "Participants who finish their education well will receive certificates as a sign that they have carried out their education well," concluded Solihin.

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