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    West Java BNN Confiscates 5 Thousand Grains of Ecstasy


    BANDUNG, -National Narcotics Agency in West Java Province succeeded in uncovering the circulation of narcotic and ecstasy types of narcotics in the Cianjur and Sukabumi regions. In this disclosure, West Java BNNP secured one suspect, WAS (39), a resident of Cianjur.

    "From this disclosure, West Java BNNP seized evidence of narcotics type of methamphetamine weighing 4 kilograms and 5 thousand ecstasy pills," said Head of BNNP Jabar Brigadier General Sufyan Syarif, at the West Java Regional Police Headquarters, Tuesday (10/08/2019)

    Sufyan explained, methamphetamine and ecstasy were brought through Malaysia to Dumai (Riau) towards Lampung, then crossed to Java. In the Ciawi area, Bogor, West Java BNNP officers arrested the suspect who used public transportation to carry the illicit goods.

    "From the suspects, we found four large packets of suspected methamphetamine packed in Chinese tea packages, as well as 23 packs of ecstasy. The item was stored in a black backpack belonging to the perpetrator, "he explained

    Sufyan explained, if methamphetamine and ecstasy will be circulated in the West Java region, especially Cianjur and Sukabumi. West Java, he explained, became one of the potential markets for the narcotics network because of its large population.

    "So talking about drug problems, between Jakarta and West Java makes no difference. What happened in Jakarta could happen in West Java. Because they (the drug network) are looking for a large number of consumers, and the population of West Java is quite large, "Sufyan explained.

    Sufyan revealed, if the suspect is controlled by strangers via cell phone. WAS, stated himself, is a recurrent criminal alias who has been involved in a persecution case. West Java BNNP officer presents hot lead to the perpetrators.

    "Officers take decisive and measured actions by shooting the right foot in question, because they try to escape when it will be secured," he concluded

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