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    Preserving Traditional Games, Developing Tourism Villages


    SUBANG REGENCY- West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) is committed to preserving traditional games typical of Tanah Pasundan, such as collectors, throwing sarong, and dancing. Because, the traditional game of West Java can strengthen local culture because it contains regional values.

    As stated by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil while attending the Thematic Cultural Check with the theme 'Traditional Sports and People's Games' in the framework of the 2019 West Java Cultural Week in Cibuluh Village, Kec. Tanjung Siang, Kab. Subang, Monday (7/10/19).

    "This is part of the commitment of the West Java Provincial Government together with the DPRD to strengthen local culture. Moreover, we know, now children are all digital. The toys are only thumbs up, there is no philosophical and motoric value, togetherness, "said Emil - Ridwan Kamil's familiar greeting.

    At the event, approximately 1,170 elementary school students in Kab. Subang playing together at the same time. This was recorded in the Record Holders Republic as the most competitive game in the world.

    According to Emil, the record-breaking aims to reintroduce collectors and other traditional West Java games. At present, he said, there are approximately 300 traditional games spread throughout the West Java region.

    "The legacy of traditional games is 300s. There are retailers, throwing sarong, dancing, and others. Actually it's not a matter of breaking records, it's just a symbol, the goal is that people pay attention. We support the 300s game, "he said.

    By preserving traditional games, Emil is optimistic that many national and foreign tourists are interested in coming to tourist villages in West Java. If the number of tourists continues to climb, the welfare of rural communities in West Java will certainly increase.

     "This is inclusive tourism that can be felt by the community," he said. "People come to enjoy the culture. People come to stay at residents' homes. Enjoy the beauty of Subang. Hopefully this will be a model to become the best place in West Java, "he added.

    Meanwhile, the Regent of Subang Ruhimat said that the activity could foster the enthusiasm and motivation of the community to preserve and develop cultural values ??and local wisdom in the Regency. Subang

    "West Java, especially in Kab. Subang, save tremendous potential. If it can be packaged properly, it will become an invaluable asset to form a resilient community character, and be the main pillar in developing regional tourism potential, namely Tourism Village, Traditional Sports, and folk games, "he said.

    Therefore, said Ruhimat, traditional games in West Java must continue to be preserved. Because, the actualization of art and culture is one good antidote to be a filter of technological developments, information, so as not to lose their identity.

    "Cultural arts will be the right solution for cultural development in the future. Through this activity, hopefully we can grow to develop the community, especially the Subang Regency community in maintaining cultural values ??and local wisdom, "said Ruhimat ended.

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