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    Three Women Sources of Strength Ridwan Kamil While Working


    BANDUNG CITY - The phrase there is a great woman behind a man's success applies to Ridwan Kamil. The figure of the Governor of West Java (West Java) admitted, there were three women who encouraged success and strengthened him to become a great man.

    First, none other than the mother, Tjutju Sukaesih or who is often called Macih. According to Emil - as Ridwan Kamil was called, Macih's advice made him stand upright and made a speech on the stage.

    Emil also always remembers her mother's advice in making decisions regarding her work as the number one person in this province with the largest population in Indonesia.

    "Mother's advice is always the main reference. I always remember my mother's advice, be the best human being who benefits the most," Emil said while attending the Majlis Taklim (MT) recitation of Pakuan Champion, Sunday (6/10/2019).

    "So I am now making a decision (based on) which benefit is the most," added Emil, who called the mother a mentor and his life energy.

    One of the moments where Emil relied heavily on his mother's advice was when he intended to run for mayor of Bandung. Until now serving as governor, Emil still continues to ask for the blessing and direction from her mother.

    The second woman, continued Emil, was Nomi, the figure of the mother-in-law aka the mother of Emil's choice girl who was now his wife. Emil said he had a strategy of approaching the mother of the girl he loved.

    The last figure mentioned that is the third woman who is behind the success of Emil. It is Atalia Praratya Ridwan Kamil, his beloved wife who is called 'The Love'.

    According to Emil, the three female figures pray every day and encourage him to achieve success. The three women also became a source of energy and gave birth to calm in the midst of fatigue Emil.

    In addition, in this study, Emil also stressed that he considers power as a means or tool to spread goodness.

    "Power is the greatest propaganda. Because of decisions with letters, signatures, that we make, we try to bring about beneficial changes," concluded Emil.

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