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    Ridwan Kamil Reminds Praja IPDN Danger of Hoaks


    SUMEDANG REGENCY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil is speaking in front of hundreds of cadets of the Institute of Domestic Government (IPDN) in the Early Morning at Jami Darul Ma'arif Mosque, IPDN campus, Jalan Raya Jatinangor, Jatinangor District, Sumedang Regency, Sunday (6/10/19/19 ).

    To the cadres of the various levels, the Governor reminded three things so that the country does not disperse: harmony, unity, and conducivity.

    According to him, in this fast-paced era of hoax or hoax news so scattered like bullets whizzing in battle. "Now it is no longer a war of weapons but a war of information, provocation, and false news," he said.

    The governor noted that up to 5,000 hoaks each year have made the atmosphere worse and if left unchecked it has the potential to cause violent conflict. Not wanting that to happen in West Java, Emil formed the Saber Hoaks Jabar Team to ward off false news that was milling about in cyberspace.

    The governor requested that the guardians of the country's mainstay should not be easily trapped in information that is not necessarily true. In fact, prospective servants of this country must be pengaping society.

    "So be careful with provocation," added the close friend called Emil.

    Emil explained, the condition of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia did not disperse and became a superpower in 2045 as predicted by many world experts by upholding the unity and ideology of the nation.

    There is already some evidence that a country can be destroyed because it cannot maintain its ideology. "There used to be a country whose name the Soviet Union had disbanded, in the past there was a name Yugoslavia disbanded, indicating that if there was no commitment from the community towards the ideology of the people, then a country could disperse," Emil explained.

    The Soviet Union is similar to Indonesia, with many ethnic groups, regional languages ??and diverse religions. "Alhamdulillah, they are still united, so the joy of nation and state must be maintained. The conditions are only one, namely maintaining trust, unity and upholding Pancasila as the ideology of the nation," concluded Emil.

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