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    West Java Provincial Government Signs Memorandum of Understanding on Project Thrive Development


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Governor (West Java) Ridwan Kamil signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Forestry Service and Thrive regarding the development of Project Thrive, social entrepreneurship in the forestry sector, at Gedung Sate in Bandung, Sunday (6/10/19).

    The agenda, including the Thrive Exhibition, was carried out in the 70th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia-US Diplomatic Relations. According to Emil - greeting Ridwan Kamil, Project Thrive is a good example of sustainable development.

    Because the project that was born from the collaboration of the Social Corporate Law Society (Socolas), Mongabay Indonesia (web site from the US), The Local Enablers (community from Unpad), IKA SKMA Jabar, and the West Java Provincial Forest Service can advance the local economy or MSME as well. preserving the forest area.

    "This is a good example (of) sustainable development. There are environmental issues, forestry, then the inclusive community of villagers. This is an economy that can grow," Emil said.

    Project Thrive itself cooperates with West Java social forestry business actors from 13 districts / cities. Through the Thrive Project, businesses can get training in the areas of business development, labeling and communication, as well as the legal aspects of Thrive partners.

    For six months, five selected non-timber forest producing business groups have also conducted training, replication of experience, development of knowledge and expertise, as well as cross-generation collaboration with Thrive Trainers and Impact Entrepreneurs fostered by The Local Enablers.

    Meanwhile, Emil said the United States government supported because the project involved environmental issues that had become global issues. Thus, green economic development including Project Thrive must be implemented throughout the world.

    "If forests are sustainable, the planet is sustainable, if there is damage to our forests, we feel that the impact of losses is not only in Indonesia, but also other countries," Emil said.

    Even the five selected business groups producing non-timber forest products until now continue to strive so that the products and services offered can be excellent for West Java, Indonesia and the world. Some of the products and services raised include forest coffee, forest honey, mangroves, forest mushrooms, dried vegetable soup, and ecotourism.

    The United States Deputy Ambassador to Indonesia Heather Variava meanwhile said, mutual cooperation, tolerance, and the power of unity in diversity are extraordinary things that are highly valued from Indonesia.

    Moreover, 'Unity in Diversity' made Indonesia the third largest democracy in the world, one position below the United States as the world's second largest democracy.

    Variava also praised West Java in various projects in the fields of sports, public health, workshops, also with universities for a number of research and cooperation in the field of education.

    "In West Java, the United States is proud of the cooperation involving West Java residents as well as universities in various projects," Variava said.

    Meanwhile, according to Project Thrive Chairman Gita Syahrani, the toughest challenges faced by micro entrepreneurs to achieve success include business models and financial plans, access to sales, and labeling.

    "This collective effort will enable participants to access several networks during and after the project cycle," said Gita.

    To that end, his party through the approach offered by the collective effort under Project Thrive also intends to improve the connectivity of micro entrepreneurs in the supply chain, in developing their business.

    With this approach, more than 70 local micro entrepreneurs in West Java have been accompanied for five years, including several entrepreneurs who are able to do business in the scope of national, regional and global trade transactions.

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