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    West Java Police Chief Entertains Papuan Students


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY, West Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General of Police Drs. Rudy Sufahriadi, amuse students from Papua who are studying in the Pearl of Purwakata Nation's SMKS who are homesick for their homeland, Papua.

    Without awkwardness and full of intimacy and affection, the West Java Regional Police Chief and Mother entertained 22 Papuan students who were present by singing Papuan songs.

    "The feeling of longing that is home is something natural, but the activity of studying is more important as a provision to increase knowledge and develop Papua in the future," said West Java Police Chief told reporters at Aspasia Coffe Orchid Forest Cikole Village Kec. Lembang District. West Bandung, Sunday (6/10/2019)

    West Java Police Chief also said that so that all students can study calmly, and not be influenced by the false reports that circulate a lot.

    "Study well and don't fall for hoaks," he stressed

    In addition to singing, West Java Police Chief along with Mother, did not hesitate to dance with all students by bringing a unique dance from Papua Sajojo.

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