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    Kemensos Held Coordination Meeting of Social Empowerment


    BANDUNG - As part of efforts to accelerate the implementation of social welfare in Indonesia, Ministry of Social Affairs of RI held coordination meeting of Social Empowerment Program today, which was attended by 223 participants, ranging from the head of the social services of the entire province in Indonesia, the head of division, social institution to the social organisation of women.

    General Directorate of Social Empowerment of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Hartono Laras expects this coordination meeting which lasted for four days is able to synergies existing social empowerment at the centre and in the regions.

    "The meetings held in the framework of our efforts to synergies social empowerment program that is in the centre and in the regions," said Hartono, in his speech at the opening meeting of the Coordination of Social Empowerment Program, at the Savoy Homan Hotel, Wednesday (13/04/16)

    According to Hartono, a coordination meeting which took place from 12 to 15 April 2016, as well as evaluation and program implementation plan in 2016.

    "I hope at the end of the activities, we can produce points agreements which must be immediately implemented, as well as local and central government should immediately respond to the problems of social empowerment that exists today," he said.

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