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    West Java Provincial Government Cooperation and BPJS Employment to Protect Informal Workers


    BANDUNG CITY- Acting Regional Secretary of West Java Province Daud Achmad appreciates the cooperation of the Provincial Social Service. West Java with the West Java Regional Employment BPJS related to labor social protection for Potential Social Welfare Workers (PSKS).

    According to Daud, the cooperation is one of the implementations of an integrated team formed by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil. The integrated team is tasked with socializing and inviting formal and informal workers to become BPJS Employment participants.

    "Where the Social Service has an extension (in carrying out its program) such as community social workers. Among them are PSM, family hopes, PKH, TKSK, Tagana and Youth Organization," Daud said in Art Deco, Bandung, Friday (4 / 10/19).

    Daud also said that informal workers have a high occupational risk and must receive protection. "In their work, they have the risk that they will later be covered or protected by the Labor BPJS," he said.

    In 2019, the trend of Open Unemployment Unemployment (TPT) in West Java shows a declining performance, which is down by 0.44 percent from August2018. At present, the labor force in West Java reaches 23,830,000 people with a total of 21,990,000 people employed.

    The number of those employed is divided into formal workers (wage earners) and 10,970,127 and informal workers (not wage earners) approximately 12 million people.

    Head of Social Service Prov. West Java Dodo Suhendar said, the cooperation is a program that must be supported. Social workers must also be concerned because they have contributed to the welfare of the people in West Java.

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