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    PLN, Len, Pertamina Collaborate to Develop PLTS


    BANDUNG - PT PLN (Persero), PT Len Industri (Persero), and PT Pertamina (Persero) signed the Head of Agreement (HOA) regarding cooperation in the field of Solar Power Plants (PLTS) for Indonesia at the Ministry of SOEs Office, Jakarta today. (3/10).

    The synergy of the three state-owned companies will carry out cooperation in the form of investment for the PLTS construction business.

    The signing was carried out by the PLT. PT PLN Managing Director Sripeni Inten Cahyani, PT Len Industri Managing Director Zakky Gamal Yasin, and PT Pertamina Managing Director Nicke Widyawati. Deputy Minister of Mining, Strategic Industry and Media (PISM) of the Ministry of BUMN, Fajar Harry Sampurno also witnessed the signing.

    "The three companies will establish a joint venture to manage PLTS projects within SOE and other companies. This collaboration is also to support the Government's program to achieve the Energy Mix target in 2025 of 6.5 GWp (Gigawatt peak). In our own environment if all "SOEs can use PLTS in the potential range of 1.4 GWp. Utilization can be applied on toll roads, airports, gas stations, train stations, mines, factories, offices, plantations, ports and warehouses," Zaky said in his press release on Thursday.

    Solar energy is an abundant source of energy in the equatorial country, Indonesia. Our country has a solar energy potential of up to 207.8 Gigawatts according to ESDM Ministry data or 560 Gigawatts according to Institute for Essential Service Reform (IESR) data. While the utilization of solar energy nationally through PLTS is only 94.42 MWp until 2018.

    That means the utilization of solar energy in Indonesia is only 0.044% or 0.017% of the potential we have, we are even still lagging behind in Southeast Asia. While China is ranked first in the largest country which has a capacity of 45 GW, followed by Germany, Japan and the United States.

    The National Energy Policy in Perpres No.79 of 2014 states that the target of the EBT mix is ??23% (49.2 GW) in 2025 and solar energy contributes 6.5 GW. Therefore we need a strategy to accelerate the development and use of solar power in our country.

    BUMN synergy is the key to realizing this commitment so that it can provide many benefits. SOEs will be a role model for the implementation of green energy in Indonesia and help the government reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It will also build the image of a Green BUMN in the midst of the community. Even more broadly can facilitate access to green investment funding, as well as residual value in the form of electricity after BEP.

    PLN is a state-owned company engaged in the supply of electricity for public purposes who have the competence to carry out the tasks of operating and distributing electricity. Len is a BUMN that has competence and experience in the field of renewable energy work, especially PLTS. And Pertamina is a state-owned company engaged in the business of oil, gas, and renewable new energy which in its activities includes the development of solar electricity. JO

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