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    Ridwan Kamil Seeks the Return of 50 West Java Residents from Wamena


    BANDUNG CITY- The Provincial Government of West Java continues to help and repatriate West Java residents affected by the riots in Wamena, Papua. As stated by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil in West Java DPRD office, Thursday (3/10/19).

    "There are around 50 people we are evacuating at the request of the coordinator there," Emil said - so Ridwan Kamil was called.

    Based on the data that Emil obtained, there were approximately 500 West Java residents living in Papua and 50 of them asked to be sent home immediately because they did not have a place to live. According to him, residents who want to return to West Java incidentally are mothers and children.

    "Their families want to go home first because the place can not be inhabited because of fire. However, so far there have been no casualties and not to anyone," he said.

    Emil also said, the pattern of handling the repatriation of West Java residents from Wamena would be carried out like returning West Java residents from Palu when a natural disaster occurred last year. "There is an emergency requested, so we do it like during a natural disaster in Palu, hopefully it can depart today," he said.

    Although there are residents of West Java who are not based in the Land Pasundan, said Emil, it will continue to help and repatriate. "This is more of an emotional bond because most of their KTPs are not West Java, but they are still West Java residents and we will not be picky. We will also help others, "he said.

    At present, Wamena's conductivity is still disturbed. Emil hopes that the Wamena situation will soon recover and Jabar residents will again be eager to develop Indonesia in Papua.

    "I also pray that conducivity there will be better and one day they are still enthusiastic to develop Indonesia in the land of Papua," Emil concluded.

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