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    West Java Provincial Government Applies e-RK Application for Optimization of Civil Performance


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java (West Java) Governor Ridwan Kamil said, the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) will implement the e-RK (electronic-Performance Remuneration or Electronic Performance Remuneration) application.

    This application requires every State Civil Apparatus (ASN) in the West Java Provincial Government to fill out daily reports related to the work done.

    This rule is based on the results of a survey of the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (Kemenpan RB) of the Republic of Indonesia which states that about 20 percent of ASNs in West Java still do not understand the Main Tasks and Functions (Tupoksi) that must be done.

    That, considered to be very hindering the bureaucracy of the apparatus and slowing performance so that the impact on the lack of service to the community. "Responding to the national survey, one of which we started with the name e-RK application, an application that must be filled out by civil servants every working day," said Ridwan Kamil.

    "What is filled in, what is done, does not connect to the Tupoks, then provide evidence of attachment. Lazy people certainly cannot fill in, because they do not know what to describe," he added.

    When giving a presentation related to the Evaluation of the Performance of Government Agencies (AKIP) and Bureaucratic Reform of the Regional Government of West Java Province in Gedung Sate Bandung, Wednesday (2/10/19), Emil - a familiar greeting Ridwan Kamil - also explained that e- This RK has accumulated points.

    This point will later affect the Income Improvement Allowance (TPP) that will be received by each ASN. Emil confirmed that the application of this application began in October 2019.

    "This will have a point later. If the points are correct and high, then the benefits are higher. It will start this October, "Emil said.

    According to the Deputy Secretary for Bureaucratic Reform, Accountability Apparatus, and Supervision of the Ministry of RB RI Didid Noordiatmoko, the survey results were carried out in West Java in 2018.

    Where, on average 20 percent of West Java ASN did not understand their respective duties. Didid hopes that the results of the survey that will be conducted this year will show significant positive changes.

    He also said that the recommendation of Kemenpan RB last year was an appeal to the direct superiors to guide their subordinates in relation to the duties, ways of working, up to the specified measure of success.

    "Broadly speaking, conditions last year in West Java, both provincial and district / city, on average about 20 percent of employees do not understand what he has to do everyday. Hopefully, the survey that we will do this year will give better results, "Didid said.

    "Some of the recommendations from the past were that we asked each supervisor to immediately refresh each of his subordinates about the tasks in question, so that they knew what had to be done, why he was working, and what was the measure of his success," he concluded.

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