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    Provincial 39th HPS: West Java Deputy Governor Encourages Food Persons to Continue to Innovate


    INDRAMAYU REGENCY - The 39th World Food Day (HPS) at the West Java Province (West Java) level is expected to be a momentum for West Java food people to innovate to strengthen food security in this province with the largest population in Indonesia.

    According to Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, HPS can increase the enthusiasm of West Java food people at all levels of government and society to be more concerned and continue to innovate food for the realization of food self-sufficiency in West Java.

    "Our hope (HPS) can not only be carried out as a routine, but can increase our passion to continue caring for food," Uu said while attending the 39th World Food Day commemoration at the West Java Province Year 2019 at the Athletics Field in Indramayu Regency, Wednesday (2/10/19).

    "This is our momentum to renew our enthusiasm to care about increasing food, making food innovations, and increasing food production again," he added.

    In addition, Uu, assessed that food is a primary need for the community, so innovations in the food sector are needed so that food difficulties do not recur.

    "Therefore, I hope that farmers and food people will innovate, how food remains large, remains great, so that it stimulates the food industry itself," Uu said.

    Uu also encouraged that the regional government budget policies in West Java, especially in agriculture or food, could be improved. Through HPS this year, it is hoped that the commitment of local governments to increase agricultural or food budgets can be realized.

    "Therefore, through HPS, it can be exciting and inviting again, inviting again so that the budget policy for food can be added or increased for 2020," hoped Uu.

    In addition to innovation, Uu also reminded West Java food people about challenges in agriculture, including the increasingly narrow agricultural land and the declining quality of land.

    "Nearly 12 percent of food land in West Java is used as development land. Besides that the quality of the land has declined. Without innovation in favor of agriculture, we will gradually become increasingly difficult in agriculture," Uu said.

    The theme raised at the commemoration of the 39th HPS of West Java Province in 2019 was 'Local Food Industrialization Towards Food Security West Java Champion in 2023' which was held on 2-4 October.

    At the HPS this time, the Regional Government (Pemda) of Indramayu Regency received the break of the Muri Record for the Longest 130 meters Mango Gedong Gincu Dodol which was assembled as writing '39th World Food Day Tk. West Java Province, Indramayu Regency '.

    This record was recorded in the Indonesian World Record Museum Award Charter Number: 9207 / R.MURI / X / 2019. In addition, there were also food security exhibitions at the Food Security Service from 27 regencies / cities throughout West Java, as well as observing food festival activities participated by several DWD OPD organizations in the Indramayu Regency Government.

    In this event, a cooperation agreement was also signed between the West Java Provincial Government and the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) concerning the Provision of Local Food in Hotels in West Java, and the signing of the cooperation between the West Java Provincial Government through the Head of the Marine and Fisheries Service West Java Province with PT Perikanan Nusantara (Persero) regarding the Facilitation of Andon Penangapan Fish to Eastern Indonesia for the West Java Go to East program.

    Also given awards to the winners of the Diverse, Nutritious, Balanced and Safe (B2SA) Diverse Menu Creation Contest based on local resources, Adhi Karya Pangan Nusantara award winners, as well as the awarding of food security.

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