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    Television Development Needs Balanced of Media Literacy


    BANDUNG-Television industry in Indonesia continues to experience growth, both nationally and locally. The television station showed up with programs that vary with such packaging, thus inviting the viewer to watch it. But whether this is offset by the literacy or media literacy in the community?

    This is the question by Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar at the seminar with the theme of Develop Industry Content and Creative for Television, which was held by the Television Association of Indonesia (ATVSI) in the Hall of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Telkom University - Bandung on Tuesday (13/04/2016).

    "Television is very influential in the life of the nation. Media can be a great force that affects the public mindset. But whether it is offset by the movement of media literacy to the masses? Media literacy of the functions of media in society. I think this should be our common concern, particularly ATVSI,” Deddy said.

    According to the Vice Governor, if it is not matched with the media literacy of the public concern, both urban and rural communities will be affected by the bad things that were presented by the media.

    Vice Governor also added that in addition to the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) takes the role of the public directly to anticipate the negative impact of the media. Because the content presented by the media, especially television will greatly impact of life in society.

    "One of the content currently can be developed is the field of the creative economy. Which is expected to help the economic growth of a country, but if it is not a wrong positive creative economy,” said Vice Governor.

    At the end of his speech, the Vice Governor was told all managers of television in order to take advantage of the frequency which essentially belongs to the people, should be of great benefit to society.

    "I remind you again that the manager of television is not the owner of the television frequencies. But manager loaned frequency by state television to good use is also beneficial as much for community,” said Vice Governor.

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