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    Bio Farma Hosts Cold Chain Management System Workshop for Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) Countries


    BANDUNG (1/10/2019) - Bio Farma hosted the Cold Chain Management System Workshop for countries affiliated with the Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC), which was held in Bandung on October 1 - 2, 2019. The event was organized by The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, aiming to share experiences and expertise, also widened the network for research, marketing, and seeing a simulation of vaccine distribution in Indonesia, which is a follow-up to the inauguration of Indonesia as a Center of Excellence in the field of biotechnology and vaccines in December 2017.

    Before leaving for Bandung, 45 participants from 16 countries were received by the Indonesian Minister of Health Nilla F Moelek in Jakarta. In his remarks the Minister of Health said, at this time, global health was becoming more challenging than before, such as increased risk of pathogens, infectious disease transmission from animals to humans, antimicrobial resistance, increased global mobility, the spread of infectious diseases.

    Access to health such as vaccines and medicines, and other health products, including biotechnology products, is an important part of responding to global health challenges. However, OIC Member States are still far behind in vaccine production.

    "Indonesia wants to reaffirm its commitment as a Center of Excellence for Biotechnology and Vaccine products for the OIC country, will continue to support member countries in their efforts to deal with ongoing outbreaks and high prevalence of various infectious diseases that have been eradicated elsewhere. As part of that commitment, this workshop will provide useful experiences for all participants, including for Indonesia, "Nilla said

    According to the Main Director of Bio Farma Honesti Basyir, this workshop is a form of global trust for the pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia, especially Bio Farma, because among 56 members of the OIC, Indonesia is a developed country in the field of biotechnology and vaccines.

    "We should be proud to be an Indonesian nation, because it has a pharmaceutical industry, especially advanced biotechnology, and will be a reference for other countries, especially those who are members of the OIC, to produce vaccines from upstream to downstream. We will provide training related to producing vaccines, so that in the future, they can be independent to produce biotechnology, especially vaccines, "Honesti said.

    Honesti added in this workshop, participants from 22 countries will be invited to see the Bio Farma Research and Development facility, as part of the Center of Excellence, packaging and distribution facilities.

    Meanwhile, OIC Vaccine Manufacturer Group (VMG) Vice Chairman and Director of Bio Farma Operations, M. Rahman Roestan said, the next objective of this workshop was to discover the potential of researchers for the discovery of new types of vaccines born from the hands of OKI researchers.

    "To find a new type of vaccine, it takes quite a long time, between 10 - 20 years. With collaboration between OIC countries, we hope that diseases which vaccines have not been discovered, such as malaria, HIV, dengue fever, and ebola, can be found soon, so products that are still in the research stage, can be directly accepted / used by OIC countries in need ", Rahman said.

    Previously, in 2018, Bio Farma had established research and development cooperation with Tunisia, production cooperation with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, product supply to OIC countries, such as Morocco, Tunisia, including Saudi and other Gulf countries.

    As a state-owned company, Bio Farma has a strategic role, domestically to guarantee the independence and availability of vaccines, while in the global Bio Farma has participated in encouraging the independence and availability of vaccines in Islamic countries.

    Rahman added, OIC countries have the potential of qualified researchers to find new vaccines, so that in the end it will create an independence, and Bio Farma will be the pioneer of this independence.

    In the first day of the workshop on October 1, 2019, participants will get an explanation of the vaccine distribution guidelines from the WHO Technical Officer for Expanded Program for Immunization (EPI) and the issue of independence of vaccine production among OIC member countries delivered by Assistant Secretary General OIC Askar Musinov. (Even)

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