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    West Java Deputy Governor: Togetherness of Ulama and Umara Key West Java Acceleration Champion Born Inner


    CITY OF BEKASI - In order to realize the vision of West Java Champion Born Inner, West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum hopes that togetherness of ulama and umara in Pasundan Land is maintained.

    "I hope there is a togetherness between ulama and umara, especially in West Java. Because our vision and mission is Jabar Champion Born and Inner," Uu said in the Graduation Ceremony of the XIX STAI Attaqwa Bekasi at the KH Building. Noer Alie Islamic Center, Bekasi City, Tuesday (1/10/19).

    "So, West Java, led by Kang Emil (West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil) and my deputy, want their people to become world champions and the hereafter, physically and mentally," he added.

    According to Uu, there are four criteria for the West Javanese Champion inward. First, the people of West Java have a strong faith and devotion, so that the aqeedah is not swayed by the situation and conditions.

    "Secondly, after the aqeedah is strong, the sharia is also strong. Where there are four sharia: ubudiyat, munakahat, muamalat, and jinayat. Great worship, great household, great economy, and obedience to the government is also great," he said.

    "Third, the practice is great, that is the practice of Ahlisunnah Waljamaah. Then four, great in the field of harokah, its movements, so that harokah is identical to barokah."

    "This can all be successful, if there is togetherness that is assisted by the kiai and scholars, so that West Java Champion Inner can be successful. Therefore, on this occasion I want to be together with the Attaqwa Foundation's extended family," he added.

    Attaqwa Bekasi Islamic School of Religion (STAI) graduated 51 graduates from class XIX. They come from the Strata-1 level of Islamic Religious Education Study Program (PAI).

    On this occasion, Uu congratulated the graduates who had become scholars. He also thanked the academics of STAI Attaqwa Bekasi for helping the government in producing West Java educated Human Resources (HR).

    "On behalf of the Regional Government of West Java Province, I congratulate the graduates and we also thank the Attaqwa Foundation for helping the government - both in the field of human development as a whole, printing people who have imtaq and science and technology," he said.

    "This is the foundation's contribution to the government and the community, so that it will ease us in the full development of the people of West Java," he added.

    Uu also advised the scholars to have the responsibility to maintain their aqeedah and religion as Muslims. In addition, he wants graduates and young people currently struggling to apply religious values ??in the life of the nation and state.

    "What is meant by fighting for religious values ??in the nation is cultural, moral values, religious values ??that we must fight for, what is meant for fighting for religious values ??in the nation is structural," he said.

    "For example, when an alumni of Attaqwa becomes an official, has authority, has an area, then that authority, that area is to fight for religion," he added.

    Attaqwa Bekasi STAI itself was established as the realization of the ideals of the national hero Almaghfurlah KH. Noer Alie, who wants to have a large college like Al-Azhar in Egypt. The establishment of this Islamic high school is the desire of many Muslims who want collaboration between modern education within a religious framework. The harmonization between science and religion is what STAI is trying to develop.

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