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    Higher Education Needs to be Involved to Make Academic Manuscript for the Compilation of Regional Regulations and Regional Regulation


    BANDUNG CITY - Acting Regional Secretary of West Java (West Java) Daud Achmad said, building an ecosystem organizing science and science technology (Science and Technology) required the involvement of Pentahelix elements namely academics, business, community, government, and media.

    All of that boils down to the ultimate goal of increasing the welfare of society and human civilization. As for the environment Provincial Regional Government (Pemdaprov), five important things are needed for all regional apparatuses: Regulation pillars, institutional pillars, pillars Human Resources (HR), funding pillars, and science and technology networking.

    Regarding the HR pillar, Daud underlined the importance of mapping the analysis of organizational and HR needs, as well as the talent pool by the Bureau Organization, Regional Personnel Agency (BKD), and Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDM).

    According to Daud, mapping needs analysis only takes about six months. "If we are here, we will only do it the mapping, it should be enough for one semester mapping, "said Daud.

    When opening the Innovation and Collaboration Coordination Meeting on Academic Paper for Regional Development Policy in West Java Province at Gedung Sate Kota Bandung, Tuesday (1/10/19), Daud also said the role of universities in the pillars of HR is important to support BPSDM,BKD, and the Organization Bureau in formulating planning.

    "Pemetannya, the map, what is needed by BP2D (Regional Research and Development Agency) like what, here will be later (collaboration)BPSDM, BKD, Organization Bureau, supported by universities. Well, to fill this need like what, what kind of plan, want to be fulfilled For how long, it must be formulated, "he said.

    In addition, Daud added that universities could also support the funding pillar. However, a needs study is needed funding through TAPD that supports the acceleration of development and maintenance of the research and development (R & D) ecosystem in West Java.

    Daud said, there was still no clarity regarding the standardization of research costs in the context of the preparation of Regional Regulations (Perda) and Regulations Regional Head (Perkada). For this reason, he suggested a discussion with universities which had more experience in doing it research to estimate the research budget.

    "Maybe it could be formulated also by experts here, there are universities that are already accustomed to carrying out research. We can describe to him, what kind of research we need, so there is an estimated cost that we can put into standard our costs. This indeed needs to be standardized, "said Daud.

    West Java Province BP2D Secretary Imam Solihin meanwhile said, the invitation for the university to depart from the importance of academic manuscripts in the context of drafting Regional Regulations and Regional Regulation. The plan is for his party to form a working group involving universities in West Java.

    "Today we invite from universities and from the legislature and also from the official office, because it is concerned with how important the academic text is to precede the preparation of local regulations and local regulations, "said Imam.

    "So we invite universities to ask for human resources assistance, later we will form a working group, with the permission of Mr. Secretary, with contains experts in their fields in every tertiary institution in West Java, "he added.

    This coordination meeting itself is the fourth coordination meeting in the framework of implementing Law No. 11 of 2009 concerning the National System of Science Knowledge and Technology.

    In the previous three coordination meetings, several things had been agreed upon, including the need for conducting research in formulation and policy regional development, the need for regional institutions to coordinate research implementation, and the need to strengthen institutional capacity

    West Java Regional Research and Development, both in terms of organization, human resources, regulation, and facilitation of the preparation of academic texts that involve roles Regional R&D.

    As for the meeting, representatives of higher education institutions attended included the Padjadjaran University and the Institute Bandung Technology

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