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    Governor: Gedung Sate Journalists Working Group Must Support West Java Provincial Government's Program


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Mochamad Ridwan Kamil expects the media crew members of the Gedung Sate journalists working group to oversee every step and policy including informing the public about the West Java Provincial Government's ongoing programs.

    "The media crew must continue to oversee every step and its policies, including delivering programs that are being carried out to the public," he said.

    The Governor hopes that the relationship between the Government of West Java Province with the media can be established smoothly and harmoniously and perfect things that have been deemed lacking.

    "I pray that our relationship will always be smooth, which we will not perfect," said the Governor, at Gedung Sate, Tuesday (01/10).

    The governor also stated that his party had planned to increase the Public Relations budget, one of which was to support the performance of journalists at the Gedung Sate Working Group.

    "God willing, we will raise the budget from public relations solely so that the public is more familiar with the programs that we are working on," he said.

    The Governor also said, to compensate for bad news, he left to the media so that the media also preach about good news because until now there are still many positive things that must be known by the public.

    "I entrust good news, please multiply so that it can compensate for bad news," he said.

    Previously, the Working Group of Gedung Sate journalists unanimously selected Bayu Anggoro Pratiwi, a journalist from Media Indonesia, to hold the mandate to oversee communication and coordination between the West Java Provincial Government and the media crews for the next three years to replace Agus Hermawan.

    "Congratulations to Kang Bayu being chosen by media colleagues at the Gedung Sate Working Group to work for 3 years, I pray smoothly and of course colleagues must join in guarding and supporting us," said the Governor. (Parno)

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