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    West Java Governor Appointed Cirebon Regent and Deputy Regent of Indramayu


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java (West Java) Governor Ridwan Kamil officially installed Imron Rosyadi as Cirebon Regent for the remaining term of 2019-2024 and Taufik Hidayat as Deputy Regent of Indramayu for the remaining period of 2016-2021.

    The inauguration procession and taking of the oath of office of the two regional heads took place in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Bandung City, Tuesday (1/10/19).

    Imron and Taufik's inauguration is an implementation of Law Number 10 of 2016 which mandates that if a vacancy occurs between the head or deputy head of the region, then the position must be filled.

    To note, the previous Cirebon Regent, Sunjaya Purwadisastra, who was recently inaugurated, was dishonorably discharged for being caught in a corruption case.

    Imron himself previously held the position of Deputy Regent of Cirebon. As for until it was proposed by the Cirebon Regency DPRD as the definitive and officially appointed regent, Imron served as the Cirebon Regent's Acting Officer.

    As for Taufik Hidayat, he served as Deputy Regent of Indramayu to accompany the Regent of Indramayu Supendi. The last name mentioned replaces Indramayu Regent Anna Sophanah who resigned for personal reasons.

    Just like Imron, Taufik was also proposed by the Indramayu Regency DPRD as deputy regent to accompany Supendi for the next two years.

    Related to the inauguration of the Cirebon Regent, Emil - familiar greeting Ridwan Kamil - hopes that this definitive regional head can eliminate the limitations of authority and further facilitate the tasks of government and development in Cirebon District.

    "On behalf of the person and the provincial government I congratulate the Cirebon Regent of Imron and all the people of Cirebon who finally have the definitive regional head," Emil said.

    Especially for Kab. Cirebon who does not yet have a Deputy Regent, Emil reminded the Cirebon Regent and DPRD to immediately fill positions for the Deputy Regent according to the mechanism and mandate of article 176 of Law Number 10 of 2016.

    Meanwhile, to Deputy Regent of Indramayu Taufik Hidayat, Emil asked him to immediately work with Regent Supendi in running the government.

    Not to forget, Emil stressed that regional heads and state civil servants must hold three basic values ??namely professional, integrity, and serve wholeheartedly.

    The regional head, continued Emil, must also be a strong and courageous person not to commit corrupt behavior.

    "This is so that there will be no more recurring arrests by the KPK in the local government environment in West Java," Emil stressed.

    "Please learn the lessons from previous leaders, take what is good to emulate and what is not good makes introspection," he added.

    In addition, Emil said that during his leadership, the bureaucratic reform of the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) had to achieve success, including reforming digitally and quickly responding to public complaints.

    Emil also reminded, Indonesia is predicted to become the world's number three superpower in the next 30 years with three conditions, namely the young generation must be competitive and innovative, economic growth above 5 percent, and social politics must be far from contention.

    "So I entrust not to quarrel with routine matters such as the elections. Do not let happen in Cirebon and Indramayu," said Emil.

    Finally, there is homework that must be done by these two regions. For Indramayu, Emil said that the construction of the Jatibarang Square must be completed immediately.

    "Then we must try to arrange Karangsong Beach as soon as possible," he added.

    For Kab. Cirebon, Emil said his party was rearranging the attractions of Baro Gebang Beach. To Cirebon Regent Imron, Emil also asked him to continue to oversee the development so that it was completed on target.

    In addition, Emil also focused on arranging religious attractions in the Sunan Gunung Jati Tomb. "Hopefully thousands of people who come every day can make pilgrimage more comfortably and with dignity," he concluded.

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