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    Provincial Government Monitor West Java Residents in Wamena


    BANDUNG- The West Java Provincial Government will continue to monitor through the Central Government related to the development of the security of citizens from West Java who are in Wamena, Papua Province, after the riots in Wamena on September 23, 2019 ago.

    The Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil, said that until now his party had only monitored it through the Central Government because the main duty and defense function was in the Central Government.

    "While we are monitoring through the Central Government because of the main duty and function of the defense, the defense is the main task and function of the Central Government. I only coordinate, hopefully there will not be any subsequent residents who are injured or die, especially West Java residents, because of their capacities as West Java Governor," he said.

    According to the Governor, informally his party has been communicating related to the current situation in Wamena, Papua Province.

    "While it is still safely under control for West Java residents, but I will ask specifically that the TNI and Polri be able to maximize conducive conditioning in Wamena," said the Governor, at Gedung Sate, Monday (09/30).

    The governor admitted that he had an emotional affinity with Wamena because he had been appointed as an indigenous child in Wamena.

    "However I have been to Wamena, I was appointed as a traditional child there, there used to be a procession of planting trees in a traditional house, so there is a special emotional connection for Wamena. Yes, I hope I can recover, and the last key is let's have a dialogue, "he said.

    The governor said, all matters today where there are demonstrations from students everywhere, the key is the need for dialogue.

    "What does he want, if his will is still within the corridor of the law I think it does not matter, but if his will is expressed against the law or passed the rule of law that is the problem," he explained.

    The Governor added, to resolve the dynamics occurring in the last few days with dialogue spaces that do not have to be formal.

    "So I contemplate, the dynamics of today, it may be the need for dialogue spaces that do not have to be formal, there are spaces for dialogue with the people and maybe they are needed as affected objects, maybe the new procedure must have a direct public test, "He concluded. (Parno)

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