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    West Java Education Office has Proactive Step After Student Demonstrations


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) through the Provincial Education Office (Disdik). West Java has taken a number of proactive steps related to demonstrations of high school / vocational students or students.

    There are three proactive steps taken by the West Java Disdik. The first is issuing official memorandum to ensure all students participate in teaching and learning activities (KBM). West Java Disdik then ordered school principals and teachers to monitor their students.

    "The teachers are expected to be able to provide understanding and understanding to protect students from provocation from irresponsible parties," said Head of the West Java Disdik Dewi Dewi Sartika in her office on Monday (9/30/19).

    According to Dewi, her party has also built communication and coordination with all educational communities. Starting from West Java regency / city Kadisdik, school principals, to the ranks of the police.

    "We have coordinated and cooperated with the police to provide direction to prevent demonstrations among students in addition to intensifying attention to the presence and coordinated absence between schools and parents," he said.

    Based on a circular of the Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) number 9 of 2019, according to Dewi, principals and teachers must take steps to prevent and deal with the demonstration questions among students.

    In addition to supervising and protecting the safety and safety of students inside and outside the school, principals and teachers are required to collaborate with parents and guardians of the school, as well as establish harmonious communication with students.

    "It takes a creative teacher by applying various learning models so that students have character, literacy and competence, critical thinking, creative, communicative, and collaborative," said Dewi.

    "Moreover, students have a lot of energy in showing their expressions. So, the principal and teachers must facilitate the ideas, opinions, opinions of the students while giving appreciation to them, "he added.

    Dewi also said that she had launched a number of programs to strengthen character education, such as West Java Masagi. The program aims to produce students who have character, knowledge, faith, and physical health so that students in West Java will be wiser in addressing various problems that occur around them so that they are not easily provoked by irresponsible parties

    "At the provincial level, there is the West Java OSIS Forum (FOJB), Legal Awareness Student Forum (FPSH) as a media for students to organize and express themselves," he said.

    Appeal for Parents

    Referring to the Minister of Education and Culture Regulation No. 30 of 2017 concerning Family Involvement in Providing Education, Dewi invites parents / guardians of students to jointly monitor the safety and security of their children while at home or outside the home.

    "It is urged for parents to be able to work together to look after themselves, take care of their children, so that they truly carry out their respective duties and ensure their children learn as they should," he said.

    Dewi also appealed to parents to establish intense communication with the school principal and teacher. "To ensure that their children attend the KBM as they should, parents are always intensely communicating with the school," he said.

    "Coordination and monitoring actions are in accordance with the relevant educational community, ensuring the presence of students, and ensuring that no student is involved in a demonstration that can threaten the safety and security of their children," Dewi concluded.

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