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    The Governor Makes Gedung Sate as Historical Tour


    BANDUNG- The West Java Provincial Government plans to become Gedung Sate which is currently the office of the Governor of West Java as a historical tour.

    The Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil, said that the Gedung Sate is currently in the process of renovating the front and back gardens and preparing it as a historical tour.

    "Gedung Sate is preparing for a small renovation and preparing Gedung Sate as a historical tour starting in 2020, including security improvements because there are cars missing so it becomes corrected," he said.

    According to the Governor, if Gedung Sate will become a historical tour, then the public or tourism may enter it to see the architect inside and take pictures.

    "So people can enter the weekand at Gedung Sate to see the galleries, photos inside, please multiply our art collections, well like the State Palace there are paintings, but later the paintings represent 27 regions in West Java," he said.

    The governor stated, at this time his party was also making the best concept if Gedung Sate would later become a historical tour according to the wishes and input of the community.

    "Being conceptualized, there will be a tour gate, the pokokan will be made as much as possible, security will be improved, I have not decided but the point is fixed," said the Governor, at Gedung Sate Bandung, Monday (09/30). (Parno)

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