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    Atalia Praratya: Women Become Family's Front Guard in Preventing the Hoaks


    BANDUNG CITY- Chairman of the West Java Province PKK Mover Team Atalia Praratya Kamil appealed to the entire community of West Java, especially women, to be the front guard in preventing hoaxes or hoaxes. Because, women are a source of information in the family.

    "Because women are a source of information in the family. Children ask one thing and another from parents, including mothers. So the best information must be from their parents," Atalia said while giving a public lecture on 'Hoaks, Social Media, and Women in the Revolution Industry 4.0 'at Widyatama University, Bandung City, Monday (9/30/19).

    According to Atalia, women, especially mothers, have an important role in providing accurate information for children. One role is to increase family literacy. That role will be the hoax barrier in the family.

    Atalia also said, women must take part in filtering hoaks. By doing so, the information circulating in the family was confirmed.

    "We have to open a lot of literacy as wide as possible because literacy is not just reading and writing, but how we listen, how we interpret a word, how we digest also is part of literacy," he said.

    "For that reason, I hope that litersion in Indonesia, especially in West Java, will continue to be improved so that we can truly become a generation of learners. The generation of learners can certainly stand up to hoaks," he added.

    On the same occasion, Atalia also shared tips on identifying hoaks, namely being careful with provocative titles, paying attention to address issues, checking facts, and checking the authenticity of photos contained in the news. Moreover, in the industrial era 4.0, the public must be alert to the massive dissemination of information.

    "Today, the information that was received was responded too quickly, so it did not have time to be confirmed. For that, before we know it's true or not, we have to know whether it's useful or not, we are also expected to not be too quick to conclude, let alone spread," said Atalia closes.

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