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    West Java Deputy Governor Describes Four Indicators of Inner Development


    SUKABUMI REGENCY- Islamic Boarding School (Ponpes) is an educational institution that can provide spiritual experiences to students. Because in addition to educating students in terms of science, Ponpes also transfers morals and high religious knowledge.

    As stated by the Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum when giving a speech in the Tasyakkur Milad Ma'had XI and Haflah Khotmil Qur'an Force XII, as well as Submitting Hifzhil Koran Prayer at Villa Adiprima Langensari, Kab. Sukabumi, Sunday (9/29/19).

    "Building the infrastructure is indeed part of the government, and the matter of building human morals, I extend my highest gratitude and appreciation to the scholars with their pesantren, who have helped the government in inner development," Uu said.

    Uu also explained four indicators of inner development. First is aqidah. That is, the religious foundation of the West Java community is strong. Then, the people of West Java live their lives in a society, nation and state, with peace and harmony. The goal is that the wheels of government and the economy turn conducive.

    "The three practices are maintained. The people of West Java, we hope, do not carry out activities that come out of religious rules, customs, and always practice the good," he said. "Finally, his life is blessed, so there is prosperity, and the realization of the Inner Champion," he added.

    On the same occasion, Uu advised the students of West Java to continue to gain as much knowledge as possible so that it would benefit the homeland, the nation, and religion. "Must be proud to be a santri," Uu said.

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