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    West Java Provincial Government Will Review Development of Elderly Special Hospital


    BANDUNG city - The Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java (West Java) will study the construction of a hospital (RS) specifically for the elderly (elderly). As stated by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil while attending NU Muslimat Care for Elderly Towards West Java Champion Born Inner in Gedung Sate, Bandung City, Sunday (29/9/19).

    "The Regional Government of West Java (West Java) has a hospital in Riau Street, formerly Riau Eleven. Since we have moved to Lembang (West Bandug Regency), God willing, we will study to become the first hospital in Indonesia specifically for the elderly," Emil said. Ridwan Kamil.

    According to Emil, the West Java Provincial Government is committed to paying attention to all the elderly in West Java - whose number is around 4 million. He also hopes that the elderly in West Java will remain productive. "For the elderly, they only need to think about how productive in old age they can be," he said.

    West Java Provincial Government's commitment can be seen from a number of programs that have been initiated, such as the Elderly Week. The program, inspired by the Indonesian Veterans Legion (LVRI), invites young volunteers to visit the elderly once a week. The goal is to make the elderly happy via interaction and communication.

    There is also an elderly program back to school. The elderly do not go to school to study, but rather become guest teachers. Later, the elderly will transfer knowledge and experience to the younger generation in West Java.

    Another program is a special boarding school for the elderly. Not only spirituality or religious programs, in this flash boarding school, the elderly will be given insight related to agriculture or gardening. "The combination is two, there is plantation agriculture and religious content," Emil said.

    At the NU Caring Elderly Muslimat event, various activities were held, such as relaxing walks and healthy gymnastics. The leisurely walk starts from Pusdai to Gedung Sate. In addition, there were also exhibitions of various fashion and culinary products.

    There are also free health check-up activities and distribution of approximately 2,000 social assistance. This elderly care activity was attended by approximately 4,500 NU Muslimat members from 27 districts / cities in West Java.

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