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    Printing Young Generation Character with Jabar Masagi



    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil stated, character education is a priority of the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) today. Because, to print quality Human Resources (HR), great in academics alone is not enough.

    "Smart is not enough, it must be equipped with moral strength, spiritual strength, physical strength which we call Jabar Masagi," said Emil - greeting Ridwan Kamil - when closing the Phase I Bimtek for Students, Teachers, Management, and the West Java Masagi School Committee in Lembang , Regency. West Bandung, Sunday (29/9/19).

    Jabar Masagi is a program that aims to strengthen the foundation of the younger generation in West Java with the values ??of character education. This was realized by returning character education that has an impact on social behavior. Which is the values ??of West Java's local wisdom is the basis.

    With West Java Masagi, the younger generation is expected to become a civilized human being. This cultured human being has the ability to be able to learn to feel (surti / rasa), learn to understand (harti / intention), learn to do (evidence), learn to live together (real devotion / dumadi).

    "God willing, with this readiness, the children of West Java are children who are ready to face global competition in the future," Emil hoped.

    According to Emil, Jabar Masagi became one of the priority programs to realize the vision of the West Java Champion Born and the Inner. Because, through West Java Masagi, West Java Provincial Government seeks to balance outward development with the inner.

    Emil was optimistic that West Java Masagi could produce quality and competitive human resources - which is one of the requirements to look at Indonesia Emas 2045.

    "So, let's welcome the Indonesia Golden Superpower of 2045 through the preparedness of our children physically and spiritually, understand the risks and challenges of industry 4.0, understand how to ward off hoaxes or hoaks, understand how to build civilizations that love culture, love religion, love the socio-cultural environment, and so on, "he said.

    "West Java Masagi is capital. Great in academics alone is not enough, we save Indonesia through a new generation of more character, who is more prepared, who is more Pancasila, respects tolerance, respects diversity, respects diversity, and becomes a nation of Inner Champion, "he added.

    Head of Education Office Prov. West Java Dewi Sartika said, there were 420 participants from Phase 1 West Java Masim Bimtek from 21 high schools / vocational high schools in West Java. Participants consisted of the principal, teachers, and students. Bimtek will be held for three days on September 27-29, 2019.

    "The aim of the technical guidance is to increase the capacity of students, teachers, school committees, and school management for character education based on West Java culture, especially in 21 high schools / vocational schools in the area," said Dewi.

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